Ultra Destructomatic Two and Three Quarters vs Wyvern

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Ultra Destructomatic Two and Three Quarters vs Wyvern

Post by Venice Queen » Tue Mar 23, 2021 12:34 am

UD23/4 // Speed: 7 | Traction: 6 | Torque: 2 | Weapon: 10 | Armour: 5 // Hammer

Wyvern // Speed / 8 // Traction / 8 // Torque / 1 // Weapon / 10 // Armor / 3 // configs r 4 nerds


Very short range for a hammer. I think we threaten damage on her to??? IDK how falling damage works in this thing. we have better control, we're better at turning and a bit faster, she's better at accelerating. she also has a one shot, which should be avoided (:V).

to avoid wheelieing, accelerate with just one wheel, then add in the other after like a second delay. it'll be less of a burst of speed and we'll be rotating, and it will keep the wedge on the ground. once we are up to speed, don't stop. I will always behave in this way and drive like this, as it encourages a strong strategy in this fight.

drive in circles around UD23/4 if she chooses to stay static. try to go for flanks for a bit (5-10 sec), then if her drive doesn't mess up (I have perfect control and she doesn't, it's worth checking for), choose a time to angle in and do so - try to keep unpredictable to make her shot harder to hit.

if she tries to engage with me, purposefully pass by her and try and get in on the side of her bot. if I miss I'm still behind her, so keep the speed I have going and chase.

Flip immediately once under, and immediately follow up. if my flipper's still open when I reach her it will act as a clamp by retracting. I am unsure how effective it will be but it is better than letting her get away. I am unlikely to get a purposeful OOTA, since I cannot push effectively, but if I am clamping her I can try the other hazards I suppose. be cautious around them, I am low armor.

any time she is able to force an engagement when I am traveling at low speeds, disengage, as I am unable to act aggressively without wheelieing, and am very unlikely to get under her. j-turns or purposefully driving past her to try and get a flank in are both viable: do not go straight back, she out-torques me.


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