Archangel Signature Quote Archive // 2020

Speak freely but don't be stupid about it or you'll find yourself on the last train to Clarksville, ya dumbass.
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Archangel Signature Quote Archive // 2020

Post by Venice Queen » Thu Dec 31, 2020 2:56 pm

Freedom ants are twice as fat iirc ~Trihunter
Much like the people! ~Code Red

Wheels smaller than my chances of success ~Botomatic

an ancient evil has awakened ~V900
Naw, Laz went to bed early tonight. Fucker's closed his door and the light's off. ~Monsterworks
i guess he counts too ~V900

Nooo it's just scrambled
clearly what he meant was 1/14/3/6/7 ~Rinzler
mix statline with fork, pour into frying pan with oil and pepper ~V900

You've been hit by
you've been struck by
truck ~Hooray for Lexan

surprisingly good way to reheat pizza ~Trihunter
So’s a house fire ~Codesilver

Lol, being able to trust a conservative ever again went out the door for me a looooong time ago. I ~Hikeradam
RIP Adam, the conservatives got him while he was typing ~ HoorayForLexan

They built it sideways ~Trihunter
Las Vegas? ~Madbull
No just the building ~Trihunter


// 2019 //

im my own god ~MassimoV
That's nice, dear. Have you considered being your own god somewhere else? ~Rocket_III

gabe injected one whole weed and now he's a ghost
don't do the drugs children ~Badnik96
that really hit me
such a sad story
#FurriesAgainstAWeed ~Botomatic

so the thing about momma bear
it's not something that sticks out
but the moment you try to seriously write a strategy to fight it
you spontaneously lose 100 iq ~Cha0sFerret

My USB-powered clothes dryer and I beg to differ!~attackfrog

I have reinforced plastic for brains ~Hide

Big talk from someone whose weapon is about as effective as soft fruits. ~rocket

Inb4 Gabe's next bot is named "653.232 Daves" ~Hiicantpk

potato nazis~V900

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