Jackal VS Triple Six

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Jackal VS Triple Six

Post by GF93 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:55 pm

Standard Config and Wedge/Bar weapons.

Triple Six's enormous flipper is the main danger. However, I've got the advantage in terms of both drivetrain and versatility; I'm faster, have better traction and double her torque/acceleration in particular (so I can be the aggressor from the very beginning), and my lifter is strong enough to effectively carry her around and flip her either way, as well as preventing her from self-righting or bringing the flipper into play.

Be aggressive, but likewise taking advantage of my drivetrain to keep her away from the pit and mix in counters/jukes to trick her into misfiring, then taking full advantage from there. Move out quickly, watch where she comes from, and mix up my attacks accordingly; either go for the sides/corners, feint a side/corner approach and dodge/counter accordingly, and if I'm feeling particularly brave, feint an approach toward the front, then right as we're about to make contact, immediately REVERSE to bait her into flipping, then attack her exposed front. In any case, force my way underneath, flip her with the top bar, then get attacking.

On the attack, the main priority will be to keep her flipped, myself underneath, and her on the backfoot as much as possible. Actively stop her from self-righting by either ramming her or driving underneath where she'll land to immediately pop her back over. Copy her movements to prevent her escaping, squash her into spikes to wear down the clock, and throw her into the drums (ideally scoop-first to warp the tip or knock the flipper ajar) to deal damage. Keep her herded near the hazards and away from the pit, use the rear hinged scoop periodically as well from the sides/back to mix it up, and once she starts running low on gas, prop her on her back/side against the spike strip to immobilise her; but stay very close even as she's being counted out.

Defence is again aggressive mostly, focusing on being unpredictable, forcing her to waste as much gas from failed flipping/self-righting attempts, and all the while forcing her into hazards. Dodge/counter as needed, don't stay on the wedge for even a second, copy her movements to stop her escaping, pursue her if she runs away, and keep her far away from the pit/OOTA walls. If flipped, immediately escape before self-righting (then continuing) to prevent her taking advantage.

Good luck!

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