This Side Down Vs MORE PUZZLES

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This Side Down Vs MORE PUZZLES

Post by Trihunter » Sun Jun 21, 2020 3:59 am

Keeping this quick coz skirting deadlines and also father's day oops

We outdrive them by a hilarious margin and do an OK job at tanking them too

just focus on getting around them and plowing them from the side/back til they smash into a wall or floor and fuckin die or something, then scoop em up again before they can recover and dump them on the top wall or in the pit hole thing

Rinse and repeat as needed

do the wedge thing good, srimech if needed
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Re: This Side Down Vs MORE PUZZLES

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:18 pm

I feel like I'm gonna have to sit through a lot of "HE'S A GYRO WALKER HAHAHAHA". Well guess what doubting Thomas, I have a walker that has the speed equivalent to your average 16 weapon 4 speed spinner :V

What are you gonna do with 13 armor? Smother ofc. So let's avoid that. It's time to bring out an old tactic from the late Monsterworks Alex. Start heading out with the blade spinning and see if he's gonna wedge under my disc or flank. If he's trying to wedge under the disc, turn the disc and pivot so it comes in at an angle, hitting him square on the front and sending him backwards. If he's flanking, have him get a slight edge under my disc or one of my feet. As he pushes me turn the disc to a hard right or left so I do a hard pivot and land right into his front. If I'm in trouble? Let's get creative. This thing is so wide and short that I can probably get a foot on top and climb over, and he'll be smart to not activate the flipper while I'm doing this :V. If I make it over, he has to turn all the way around and I'll be waiting to strike again. If I miss, then all that's gonna happen is that I'll fall onto my back and make the disc hit the ground, making me do a flip and pop myself away from danger and away from TSD. Smothering me won't actually be that easy of a task considering that my disc will probably hit the wall and send me farther away from him. And if you've ever watched a Gyrobot fight, those discs aren't exactly the easiest things to stop.

Basically avoid the smother by being slippery and use the disc to send me away from him and possibly damage him. See if I can get that front panel loose and get him flipped over.

Good luck

Oh. I also forgot to mention that I only need 6 hits to that front flipper of his to damage and remove it completely. So he's gonna have to be careful while pushing me around like that

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