Ori vs. Multiply and Surrender:

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Ori vs. Multiply and Surrender:

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jun 20, 2020 12:11 am

Ori (Spatula Config): 8/7/2/3/10(+1 front wedge)

Multiply and Surrender (Normal Config): 7/7/7/7(3 hammer, 3 clamps, 3 flamethrower)/4

Be ultra-aggressive, mostly going for head-on attacks due to his high speed. I outreach his wedgelets with my long spatula and angled-back sides: try to get between them, but I’m about even with the wedgelets themselves too. When I do, flip him and rush in to block him self-righting with the hammer. Try to strand him on the raised flipper and push him around until I can flip again.

If he wedges me… uh oh, he can just get under me or wedgelock me, clamp me, push me around easily with his 7 torque, and wail on me with the hammer/flames, right? Wrong. First, “weapons below 5 power will not benefit from repeated hits.” Second, I have a flipper, and the four-bar action pushes him away as well as up. If we get wedge-locked, fire immediately to try to beat his clamps – even if they get a grip in time my sloped front and his clamps being small means it probably won’t be a very strong grip and I can pry him off with the high force of a spring-powered flipper. If my spatula goes up onto his wedgelet I can still flip against the clamp itself and knock him away. The main danger is if he gets to my side and gets a grip on my chassis. Avoid this by rapidly spinning in place if wedge from the side at all, and if I am grabbed keep firing the flipper to try to break free since I don’t have a limit on how often I can flip.

He’s got 4 armor and big exposed tracks. Use the floor hazard as much as I can, it may damage something. His clamp actuators are also exposed and those should be easy to jam if they’re bent, so try to flip him so he lands inverted on the hazard.


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Re: Ori vs. Multiply and Surrender:

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:25 am

Something something torque lol
The thing where i can tank at least a hit from the hazard from last fight still applies and is still the only danger. Stay away from the spinny hazard as much as possible.
The fight should be that complex so i don't need a much of an RP. The biggest thing to note is that i will probably angle in as i don't really have a wedge in the very middle of my front.
Be fast all the time, try turning right before we engage to get under from his side thanks to my instant acceleration, if i get under clamp and push forwards into whatever i can that isn't near the spinny hazard. If he gets under try to back off with the instant acceleration (he pushes at two speed two btw.), if i get flipped i can self right quickly and possibly even get under him before the flipper reloads.
Pin him as much as possible to waste time and use fire for points.
GL HF i guess
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