CBC4 HW Grand Final: Dreadnought Mk4 VS Glacier

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CBC4 HW Grand Final: Dreadnought Mk4 VS Glacier

Post by GF93 » Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:55 pm

Armoured Config, Default/No-Fork Wedge.

Glacier is one tricky customer; invertible, strafes, has those lifting shields around the sides that can protect the ringspinner along with plenty armour, and it's got ridiculously high weapon power. On the other hand, it's incredibly slow in comparison to me, the sides are flat enough to prop him onto once I slow him down, the little legs/low ground clearance (and my torque) will make it very difficult for him to maintain traction and/or escape whenever I'm underneath, and most importantly, I've got enough armour both up-front (15!) and behind (11) to effectively tank either version of the weapon both directly/impact-wise. He doesn't really have any options for directly undercutting my wedge, and we're in an arena (Black Sun) that'll help me greatly in limiting him.

Being very aggressive but strategic throughout is the order of the day, here; milking my drive/armour advantages for everything they're worth right out the gate, and generally forcing him onto the backfoot throughout. Move out quickly, watch where he approaches from, and attack from directions that are as disadvantageous to him (sides/rear corners ideally) as possible. Force the initial impact(s) from the opposite direction to which his weapon's turning to minimise damage, then immediately dive under, flip, and get shoving before he can recover. Beware any sudden movements, copy him if he tries monster-trucking, and especially watch for strafing; if he tries it, cut him off. If in danger (IE. he's approaching my sides), reverse/j-turn to get the front facing him again and counter.

When attacking, the important things will be to keep underneath/him flipped as long as possible, build up roots to use, and smother, smother, smother! Flip and shove him to score points and disorientate him for further attacks, squash him into the walls to wear down the clock, and once I start amassing roots, use them! If he begins to pass over one, set it off underneath him to knock him off-balance, then attack. If he's between two of mine, activate both to box him in, and if I can use the EOD, by all means do so to manoeuvre to his back/sides/corners. Keep him forced near the walls/hazards to take away his power/strafing advantages, and if I can slow him down enough, prop him up against the walls (especially with his lifters open) to trap and potentially immobilise him; but even if he's being counted out, stay nearby and be ready to follow up again immediately if he drops back down.

Defence is aggressive (directly taking the fight to him throughout, actively pursuing him if he runs away to stop him spinning up/escaping), but with good common sense. Avoid his roots, keep the front facing him throughout, react accordingly to any EOD activations (counterattack if close, avoid if far, and don't get boxed in), dodge/counter immediately if wedged, and most importantly, DON'T FIRE THE FLIPPER UNLESS I'M DEFINITELY UNDERNEATH AND HE'S SLOWED/STOPPED.

To whoever's writing, good luck. This is it, the last battle!

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Re: CBC4 HW Grand Final: Dreadnought Mk4 VS Glacier

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:15 am

Late ghost RP time because of yes
Glacier 1/1/1/18(16/2)/11 main config
Dreadnought 7/6/3/1/13(+2 front and stuff) armor config
Sure thing Dreadnought is 3 times as fast as Alex Mantella's bot me, the arena is small and the madman had the audacity to have a fucking 15 armor front.
The arena has the gimmick of each hit gives you control over each one of the roots, those will be very effective at blocking his path to me or preferably high centering him temporally to buy me time to spin up fully and give me control (and damage?) points for the possible JD.
With my shields down i have a small chance of getting under and delaying his attack to give me an extra second of potential spinup time while i lift him so he falls back and now is free to hit the spinner that is now surely at full speed. Even in the likely case of him getting under the shields those should stop him a little and raising my entire bot a little with the legs should stop me from hitting the floor immediately, intentionally lifting to hit the floor to escape his wedge might work and wont stop my weapon entirely. Also the shields will make it so a wall slam wont affect my momentum.
When we do an exchange and i touch his high armor part one of two things will happen: I make a good catch and i get some damage plus i do get one root while he gets pushed back and no roots. OR my spinner will scrape and he will get under, him being a front hinged flipper and me being large means he will need to get quite far under to actually use his weapon, which he can do BUT if he fires it only the top part of his flipper will contact me because of angles, that is far from the pistons so the leverage is going to be bad, making his flipper far less effective. It does not stop there, it only has 1 point, the bare minimun to successfully pop up another robot of the same weightclass with a good flip, we already stated that the good flip wont happen and i am twice his weight. His weapon won't be able to actually do anything to me, he probably won't even get any roots, that's more control for me.
Glacier can raise up a lot, Dreadnought is quite flat, if the armor bonus reached to the top of his flipper it would be at least 60% of surface area... You see where i'm going? If i am all the way up i can hit the 11 armor top for 5 damage, do it once and a guaranteed 5-0 damage score, a few times and his useless weapon is dead, more and i probably win by KO. If i can't quite reach up there lover the shields a little bit so he can get under clearly and then lift them up to drop my entire bot on top of him, something like that should do the trick.
Good luck Have Fun
Let's see which one of the Alex(es) is the best as i totally am one of them :V
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