CBC4 MW Grand Final: Dragonfist vs. Hoarfrost

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CBC4 MW Grand Final: Dragonfist vs. Hoarfrost

Post by Rocket » Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:11 am

Dragonfist (Flail Meta Best Meta) (7-1)
Speed: 3 | Traction: 1 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 16 | Armour: 9 | 4WD | It's a shell spinner

Hoarfrost (Fuck You I'm A Triangle) (8-0)
Speed: 8 | Traction: 7 | Torque: 3 | Weapon: 3 | Armour: 9 | 2WD | Big Wedge Energy | Tall plough configuration

So it's come down to this. Spinner versus flipper. Weapon versus armour. Memelord versus person who's been outside in their life. This could be another trophy for the now-much diminished Clantella, or a rising star's first title.

You can guess which one I'd prefer to happen. =]

Hoarfrost's entire strategy consists of controlling the fight. He obviously thinks he can either entangle the flail chains on his giant plough or otherwise deflect them harmlessly away from his robot. And when we're only dealing 2 damage, that's okay. That's fine. But I have a plan for that, and he's not going to like it.

We learned in our last fight in this arena that our flails don't give us the huge spray of big, damaging hits that we wanted. It's unfortunate, but them's the breaks. However, what we do have is enough time to get in one decent damaging strike. Which we'll then use to push ourselves out of wedge range. Start by spinning up and positioning DF on the part of the Roots closest to my starting square that I can put all four wheels on and stay stable. When Hoarfrost comes in for an attack, get that hit off and get a charge of our hazards, then when he comes in to strike, raise the bot up so the flails aren't at risk of getting entangled and he instead charges straight into the shell. Rising up like this will force him to either back off or just ram into me, and either way he'll be taking a shedload of shock damage and a big dent to his plough. This also means I'll have time to spin up again while getting away from the walls, meaning that he'll be forced to endure another barrage of hits for no real cost.

Additionally, this hazard doesn't have a cooldown in terms of activations, so after the hazard timer ends and Hoarfrost is free to approach, I'll have a window of opportunity to beach him on the hazards by activating it while he's on top of it. This will nullify his traction advantage bc his wheels aren't on the ground, so I can dish out another big hit from the flails - potentially at an angle to avoid the plough and hit his delicious chassis for 6 damage - and knock him flying behind the barrier. Rinse and repeat.

If he's able to get underneath me, well, we've got a problem. He'll have to take at least one big hit to his plough that'll fuck it up good and proper. He'll want to try and get me stopped before ramming or flipping me, but keep the shell going at full speed as much as possible and we should still be alright. He does not have the speed to corral me when I'm coining out of control, and he probably knows that. But tricksy driving will save me again if I can bounce past the first wall - I can use the hazards to block him off for three seconds each, giving me time to reset and spin up again.

I couldn't be more proud of Dragonfist for getting here. It was a pretty brutal field and although the much-vaunted shell spinner buff was useful, DF really didn't need it. Regardless of how the final turns out, even getting to it was amazing and I'm really looking forward to the result.

Good luck, Laz, and eat a dick have fun. =]
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Re: CBC4 MW Grand Final: Dragonfist vs. Hoarfrost

Post by Madman » Sun Jun 14, 2020 11:14 am

Hoarfrost: 8/7/3/1/11 (+2 tall plow)
Dragonfist: 3/1/1/16-1/9 (flails config, I assume)

Aight, so here's what to expect in this one, folks:

1) Roots shenanigans to buy her spinup time and tee me up for a hit. With a 3/1/1 drivetrain, propensity to coin, zero clearance, and easy high-centeredness against my ABR plow and 8/7/3, she'd struggle mightily otherwise.

2) A lot of sneaky storylining designed to make an emotional appeal, cast her as the underdog (lol) and protagonist of this story, and make her the sentimental favourite. I'd say y'all are smarter than to fall for that, but it worked for Alex V, so who knows.

3) Something about how vulnerable I am behind my plow (or lulzy 'he's running the low armour stats') and how she only needs a single hit or whatever.

Obviously, aggression and smothering are staples here. My plow provides loads of coverage height and widthwise and is perfectly shaped to deflect her absurdly large flails up and away at angles that'll take the sting outta them and destabilize her before long. She has to know it. So...come out, full-bore, in an arcing box rush. I'm not some 7/2 bot. I can smack her in the teeth pretty good. One of the key elements here is to make the roots a less viable strategy for her. She's in a sorta goldilocks zone where she (and I) suffer recoil from flail hits, but it's not nearly as much as regular HS. This:

a) Still impedes her movement and interferes with any careful positioning she might try, especially with only one traction.
b) Means I have to cover a lot less space following hits to be back up in her face.

Basically, this is a death sentence in a situation where she needs space to avoid getting smothered and to use the Roots to buy herself spinup time or some other shenanigans. Make a point of hitting her when we're on the same side of the closest set of roots so that she can't just pop them as a keepaway or whatever else. Trying to high-end me on them would require supreme timing or luck for me not to just tip back and away. Basically, if she has some roots available and I have to approach her from the opposite side of one, vary my speed or stop-start approach to throw off her timing.

The goal, however, is to keep in her face and, possibility of some million-to-one shot aside, there's no good reason I can't do it. As soon as I'm under her, her wheels are removed from the ground. Per the rules, that means I get roots too after a few seconds. I can also pop the flipper. The final piece of the puzzle is getting her to my end of the arena, where she's very unlikely to control any roots. I'm gonna sit on them instead of using them, gradually building up control of as many as possible to deny them to her and just smother her to death.

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