Dreadnought MK.4 VS Santangelo

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Dreadnought MK.4 VS Santangelo

Post by GF93 » Sat May 23, 2020 11:48 pm

Dreadnought MK.4 (Me)
Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 3
Armour: 11
Weapon: 3 (Front-hinged Pneumatic Flipper)

Santangelo (Him)
Speed: 8
Traction: 7
Torque: 2
Armour: 12
Weapon: 1 (Rear-Hinged Pneumatic Flipper)

Sawtooth Wedge

Santangelo and Dreadnought are similar to each other design-wise, both being fast and tough Brit-flippers. While he's slightly faster/more durable, I'm still quick enough to keep up and have the advantage in torque/acceleration, I'll generally be able to react faster to and control him/avoid danger more easily. We both have strong 2WD fork wedges, but mine is both wider and has more coverage (especially being less vulnerable to flanking with the size and corner coverage) while still being fast/agile enough to effectively press the advantage and dodge/counter as needed. The biggest advantage is in my flipper; more powerful, harder to escape, better-suited to controlling/self-righting, and crucially, it can OOTA; meaning I'll have higher chance of killing him, especially with how vulnerable he is to flanking and having his self-righting intercepted with his very low flipper power and narrow chassis.

We're in Woodshed, so the big things are to be very aggressive/strategic, play the environment to my advantage considering my stronger torque/flipper and the fact there's both a Pit/OOTA zone among other things, and be as slippery and unpredictable in my approaches as possible.

Move out quickly, watch where he attacks from, and react accordingly; predominantly aim for his sides/corners away from the forks where he's most vulnerable to maximise my chances of getting under, but mix it up as well to keep him guessing and forced onto the defence. Feint movements toward his weakspots/front and reverse/counterattack, monster-truck up the front and drive over/off one side and get him from the side/behind if I don't get under first, and bait him into drawing his attacks by coming in close, reversing, then countering. Mix with regular attacks, and in any case, flip when I'm definitely underneath, get shoving, and force the offensive.

When attacking, keep him flipped and/or pinned near the walls/hazards constantly. Actively interfere with any and all self-righting attempts (especially if he drives forward/sideways to do so), copy his movements if he tries driving off, cut off any escape routes, squash him into the walls/corners/axes to deal damage and wear down the clock. Force him into the OOTA zone and try to flip him out, and use Defenstrator's trick to activate the pit/Murdersaw; throw him into the button/rollers to activate it and trap him, wait nearby, then attack as soon as he escapes. In any case, go for the OOTA/pit/Murdersaw when I have the chance.

Defence is mostly aggressive; keeping the front to and actively taking the fight to him, establishing dominance of the safe areas early on, and stopping him from escaping/mounting any offense. Don't be reckless, though; beware any sudden movements/jukes and move with him accordingly, self-right and escape immediately before continuing if flipped, avoid hazards unless taking him to them myself, dodge/counter as necessary, don't flip unless definitely underneath, and always keep spare gas handy for OOTA attempts/self-righting.

Good luck, hopefully this should be a great fight!

EDIT: Added stat comparison and corrected some small mistakes. This was done before the opponent RPed.

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Re: Dreadnought MK.4 VS Santangelo

Post by Madman » Sun May 24, 2020 1:39 pm

Aight, I have two main obstacles:

1) Alex V' will strawman my bot's design and tactics. All I gotta say is look at my render. Look at his. We're effectively the same bot except that he went front-hinged for kicks and has those non-ground scraping front corner bulges that scream 'angle in on me, pls!'

2) It's Dreadnought, and people want it to win because muh epic quest.

I have advantages, though:

1) I'm noticeably faster, and sacrifice no control for it.

2) 12 armour makes me 90% immune to hazards. His 11 puts him in a lower tier on the hazard damage scale.

3) He needs to get a very fast (and faster than him) bot high up on his wedge to flip it. I need to get the tip of my wedge under his.

4) I have the better wedge. He mentions a 'sawtooth wedge', but I don't see it in his signups. Ergo, it doesn't exist.

So basically, he'll be like "angle in on him, something about how this is easy despite me being slower and his forks being short" He'll be like, "I have ALLTHETORQUE and will push him into hazards/pit". He'll be like "muh flipper ist STRONK! His is teh weak." Let's not forget "dominance of some area of the arena" or whatever. Oh ya, and probably "interrupt his self righting" and something about baiting or monstertrucking (GL on the last one with that ground clearance + my speed and shape). Listen... if you're relying on pushing a lot in this match, you're doing it wrong. I want to counter his predictable strategy all fight long. He starts going for a corner? Turn into him. Occasionally reverse as he hooks inward and gun it into his exposed corner. He tries monstertrucking? Reverse! That lowers his closing speed and presses my wedge. It also gives me more time to just flip him as he tries going over. He baits? What's he baiting? I have the wedge edge! Come at this guy hard, be ready for his bag of tricks, bully him with my speed and wedge edges, and flip him whenever I'm under. I misfire? Not much recoil with a 1 power flipper, and I have more speed to recover with. Sometimes I'll succeed in flipping him over. Sometimes I won't. The main purpose of the flipper isn't to score OOTAs, it's to break his traction, shove him where I want, and snowball him. I'm sure he'll open the pit and activate the hazards. Dope. Let him waste time doing that and gank him while he is. Defensively, I know he'll do the 'follow his movements' thing. You push with 3 speed, bruv. I drive with 8. J-hook off and punch it right back into his side for a nice counter flip.

TL;DR: I know everything you're gonna do and, for a fight like this, I can do it better.
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