CBC4 LW Semi-Finals: Scrapper vs Broken Tooth

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CBC4 LW Semi-Finals: Scrapper vs Broken Tooth

Post by Trihunter » Sat May 23, 2020 11:56 am

ScrapperBroken Tooth
Speed: 4Speed: 6
Traction: 2Traction: 4
Torque: 1Torque: 1
Weapon: 16Weapon: 10 (1 of WAB to arm)
Armour: 7Armour: 9 (+3 front wedge)
Config: N/AConfig: Forks, rear wedges off
Broken Tooth is lurid enough to be a Splatoon thing, probably. Fuck it, penultimate boss music.

Okay, so BT armour breakdown: 10 damage on the chassis, 7 damage on the spinner and 3 damage on the front wedge. Pretty much all of that gets instafucked on contact with the giant drum, and it's not like BT can get the spinner past it from above. Meanwhile BT can only hit for 3 damage if they manage to touch the chassis, and, again, this thing's like 90% spinner from the front.

Simply put, spin up, play defensive, keep them facing the murdery bit. Just ensure they can't sneak around the back, and keep up enough pressure to get them in the drum soon enough. Even if they somehow pull it off, we're not totally worthless back there. Our 2WD wedge slamming them into the wall might make an interesting surprise tactic if the worst case scenario somehow occurs, but I'm doubtful it'll be needed. Anyway, keep spinning as much as possible. Pressure enough to keep them struggling to get around, though acknowledge the hazards' existence. They're somewhat slow to trigger and focused on pinpoint areas, so controlling the match whilst still dodging them shouldn't be the hardest. Just like last time, we need one solid hit to get this fight over with, and if FMC couldn't stop me, BT won't either. As soon as we confirm a shot that hits for 7+ on the spinner or otherwise obliterates the disk, we can play more aggressively to confirm that KO, with the main risk of damage gone.

Something something spare the organist, I felt bad about it last time.

tl;dr: play defensive, keep the spinner spinning, lock out their options and KO.
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Re: CBC4 LW Semi-Finals: Scrapper vs Broken Tooth

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Sat May 23, 2020 9:25 pm

Scrapper: Speed: 4 / Traction: 2 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 16 / Armour: 7

BT: Speed: 6 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 10 (1 of weapon armor bonus to arm) / Armor: 9 (+3 front wedge forks) - FORKS, rear wedge off


12 armor on forks, 13 on weapon. should give me 2 chances at this. This entire arena is an OOTA zone, and he knows this so he's going to play around it. that's fine - I can OOTA him with the one power flipper my weapon is on. all I need to do is hit him head on and let the knockback do its work.

he's gigantic - tall, huge drum. I'm short and relatively sleek, and have a single big toothed disc to his wide small toothed drum: more likely to get more bite because I get underneath him a bit and because I have just a bit more reach with the teeth. his forks are nonfactors because of how far back and wide apart they are, again as long as I stick to the middle: if we had at all even weapon/armor stats I'd absolutely crush him in the weapon to weapon (thin verts being natural counters to wide verts anyway). I might not have the stat advantage for the fight but I still have the design one, and with the help of the arena's OOTA zones I can kill him before he kills me.

sorry for the short RP been busy this weekend. shouldn't need an essay to win a fight that ends simply one way or the other.


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