CBC4 FW QFs: Angry Bird: Seed Killer vs Black Dog

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CBC4 FW QFs: Angry Bird: Seed Killer vs Black Dog

Post by Superbomb122 » Mon May 11, 2020 11:59 am

(Ghosting for Billy)

Seed Killer: 4/2/1/12/11(+2 wedge)
Black Dog: 6/4/1/14/5(+1 drum)

Anti HS config on

Let's be frank here: I OHKO his chassis. I also hit his drum for 3 corner damage. He does 1 corner damage to my wedge. He outspeeds me, but not quite enough to flank or get insane amounts of pressure, especially with 1 torque causing some slow AF acceleration.

The strategy here is simple: keep him in front of me and strike when the time is right. When the match starts, wait for him to choose a side of the Mullbrenner and reverse slowly to the opposite side, gauging the insane gyro one would expect from a drum that makes up half the bot. Keep him at a distance at the start until he tries to charge in. Determine which charge he’s bringing as I back up and react accordingly. Given our somewhat low speed difference, I should have the time to react. Based on the previous fight between the two, he has a few approaches to choose from:

-Aggressive, straightforward charge. If this happens, stay put and bring the hammer down

-Stuttered approach. Backing up mitigates this, as his approach can’t be as sudden as is needed for this to work, so I can wait until he’s solidly in range to attack.

-Backing up to bait. Same as stuttered. It won’t work if I allow myself time to react

-Flanking/Perpendicular driving. Yeah GL flanking a mobile bot with your 6 speed or baiting out a hit from the side again. Back off if he tries this at any point, never fire the weapon when I'm at his sides.

Basically, it’s a positioning game, and I have the better reach with a large axe and forward mounting compared to his drum. There is plenty of space to work with and a convenient furnace keeping him from just taking a straight approach at me. As long as the weapon is pointed at him and he can’t get to the sides, I’ve got him where I want him. Don’t do any drastic stuff that invites oversteer, take advantage if he gets overly aggressive by either smacking him or letting him get screwed by gyroscopic forces/more detrimental bits of oversteer due to higher speed. If he gets too skittish about the weapon, he’ll start getting drastic to avoid it or worse, open himself up for an attack. He knows I can, at the absolute best-case scenario for him, cripple his weapon on impact. It’s all about putting myself in a place to get that single crucial hit.

And if this doesn’t work? If I get flipped, fire the hammer at a lesser speed to self-right then retreat and regroup. His drum does decent, but not great, damage to the plow. A quick self-right will prevent him from chaining. Stay away from hazards, and always give myself room to back up to make the rest of this strat work.

GL Laz
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Re: CBC4 FW QFs: Angry Bird: Seed Killer vs Black Dog

Post by Madman » Mon May 11, 2020 11:44 pm

Black Dog: 6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)
Angry Bird: 4/2/1/12/11 (+2 wedge) - no feeder wedges

Aight, Billy Super's probably learned some things from the last fight:

1) He needs to buy himself more reaction time if I charge.

2) He needs to buy himself time to line up that perfect hit on me.

3) The recoil from firing leaves him very vulnerable. He'll be wary of misfires and of my drum. (I'll use that timidity against him)

However, he can't fix:

1) Look at his render. Look at the length of the axe shaft and the angle it comes down at. It reaches maybe the ends of his (absent-in-this-fight) feeder wedges. If we assume that Black Dog is even somewhat reasonably sized, he literally doesn't have the reach to hit behind my drum. He only stopped it last time via a lucky hit right to the central support.

2) Even the slightest lift off of the floor or warping of his baseplate and he's high-ended.

3) I'm faster by a solid margin and should be able to dictate the fight's positioning.

4) I can murder his underside and I have the speed to chain.

He'll be wise to my tricks now. That's why I'm gonna use only cautious shadows of them: bait and stutter approach, but never quite get into his strike range. Charge and then back off. See how he reacts. If it's what I think (reversing), then employ them with feigned commitment to draw those predictable responses and position him where I want. This is a small, cramped arena. Force him to either reverse into a wall or piston or risk turning perpendicular to escape and reset. If he does, go at him HARD! If he fires when he realizes he's cornered, capitalize on the recoil and hit him! With two damaging bots in there, he'll expect a cagey fight, but I doubt he's given any thought to hazards beyond the furnace being a positional obstacle.

On that note... Bop the grate at the beginning 4x with my skids. If I can, lower the other grate too. Now, I have a second potential win condition:

Start favouring the outer rim of the arena. He'll probably be wise to my earlier tactic and trying to avoid it. Let him think he's winning the positional battle. Get his back towards the furnace. Turn the drum down to lower revs for better control and snowballing. He's either gonna:

-Advance because my drum's less threatening, lessening his chance to react and allowing me to charge in and toss him.

-Not be wise to it until his back's to the furnace. Highland charge and ram him in.

-Have to turn and expose his side/corner to avoid the furnace. Charge, spinning up to full, and hit him. Chain like mad.

-Fire his axe to back me off. Slam on the brakes, let him misfire, and capitalize, snowballing him into the furnace.

This fails? He's the one reversing, feeling trapped in the arena and losing a judges' decision on aggression and control.

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