TSA2.1 VS Blood Eagle

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TSA2.1 VS Blood Eagle

Post by GF93 » Sun May 10, 2020 11:20 pm

TSA2.1 (GF93)
Speed: 7
Traction: 6
Torque: 2
Weapon: 5 (Four-Bar Pneumatic Flipper: armour bonus to front)
Armour: 10 (+2 bonus to front corner wedges)

Blood Eagle (Madman)
Speed: 4
Traction: 2
Torque: 1
Weapon: 16 (Horizontal Undercutting Bar)
Armour: 7
Front defence.

Blood Eagle's vicious bar speaks for itself in how destructive it is, and its protection is good from the range. However, the drive power is lacking overall (I'm almost twice as fast, with three times his traction and torque), his armour's low enough to take both hazard and self-damage, and his own massive range can be used against him in that regard; if something's in the way (be it a wall or my armoured front, which can resist his bar for a while), he either can't spin, or he'll damage himself. He loses effectiveness when turned to overcutter mode (which the Pistons and my flipper can both forceably set him to), and this arena has a Pit in the form of the Cauldron. Crucially, this gives me a means to kill him; especially if I force his bar into the grates to both remove them faster and deal him damage.

So with that, I'll be totally relentless from the get-go; getting in and taking the fight to him early, not giving him any opportunities to spin up as long as I can help it, and doing everything possible to force him onto the backfoot, then ultimately into the Cauldron. Move out quickly, watch where he approaches from, and get in quickly accordingly; keep the front facing him, angle myself to the opposite direction his bar's turning to minimise damage and knock him back, then force the initial impact. Come after him immediately before he recovers, then dive under, flip, catch him again, get shoving. Beware any jukes or other sudden movements, cut him off/counter accordingly.

When on the attack, the main priority will be to break down the grates, so flip him into overcutter mode, then from there repeatedly bash him into them. Squash him against them and the walls to wear down the clock, physically block his bar from turning using my armoured front end and the walls/floors, and if I can, pop him up with a few flips into the Pistons or against the walls/grates for extra damage. Remember that I've got the speed/power advantage, so milk that for all it's worth; constantly bully him and force him onto the defence, break the grates ASAP, and as soon as they go, force him into the Cauldron with flips/shoves.

In terms of protection, it mostly boils down to very aggressive defence; establish dominance of the main driveable areas of the arena early on, limit his movement to only near walls/hazards to block his bar from turning, use my armoured front to block it as I shove/flip him, keep the front facing him, force him into overcutter mode, never expose my back/sides, don't remain out of contact with him for a second longer than necessary, and especially, DON'T FIRE THE FLIPPER UNLESS DEFINITELY UNDERNEATH AND HIS WEAPON IS SLOWED/STOPPED. Directly take the fight to and don't ever stop coming after him, and get him in that Pit!

Good luck. This'll be tough, but I think it's possible!

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Re: TSA2.1 VS Blood Eagle

Post by Madman » Mon May 11, 2020 10:01 pm

Blood Eagle: 4/2/1/16/7
TSA 2.1: 7/6/2/5/10 (+2 angled corner panels)

Brick vs spinner. GG, right? Eh, not so fast... Aside from using flashy generalizations and adjectives, Alex V's a cautious creature at heart, so there's only one painfully obvious way for him to approach this fight:

Be Hellhound.

The problem is, he's not Hellhound.

1) With only 12 armour on his flipper and angled panels and 8 elsewhere, he takes more (4 base, 4 shock) damage, warping and tearing panels every hit and immediately threatening corner damage afterwards. His bot's clean, compact lines allow no gaps or room for error. Any warping will affect his flipper's ability to open or close, impacting its usability and his wedge's ground clearance. Against an undercutter.

2) He just doesn't have the pushing power: 2 speed. What stops me maneuvering while wedged? (hint: I'll j-hook) He's a flipper, but I'd bet the house that he won't risk flipping unless I'm 100% smothered (if he does, bait+punish). He'll play at being a brick instead, and he's honestly not a great one.

3) He's slower. His speed edge is 9 units to 6. It's present and needs accounting for, but I have a drivetrain and I can use it and the arena's features to buy me the time to keep spunup and punishing him. He can also be high-sided from anywhere but the exact front, so he'll struggle getting wheels on the ground immediately while recoiling from impacts while I won't.

4) The furnace prevents box rushes and acts as an obstacle to clean rushing and smothering generally like it did when I beat BGW here. The pit is small, especially for my big spindly frame to fit down, and takes multiple hits to open.

Start backwards as an undercutter. If he's aggressive, whichever way he goes, reverse full-bore the opposite way, paying careful attention to my spin direction. He should chase. Hug the furnace pretty closely and let the weapon-wedge hit happen. When I hit him, the direction in which I'm spinning should spin me away somewhat around the furnace, making it an obstacle I can use, along with my drivetrain, to buy time. If he's cautious, reverse up to the grate to threaten a shot at his side if he doesn't swing far out or hug the furnace. The same general hit will occur, but even more effectively spin me around the furnace.

Following this: tombstone bait him. He'll wanna smother my blade. He either has to waste time chasing it or risk it swinging into his side. Weapon torque-aided turn. As an undercutter, I threaten his wedge lip and those little hinged things (free 5 corner damage?). He'll flip me at some point, though. Even better! This reverses my spin direction, which is easy to miss. Plus, as an overcutter, when he wedges me from behind, my weapon won't hit the ground! It's also easier to skip up into his anti-monstertrucking lip too: five corner damage right to the spot where Bronco's flipper snapped against Free Shipping. Delicious!


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