Acrid vs. Pressure Flop II

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Acrid vs. Pressure Flop II

Post by V900 » Sun May 10, 2020 9:40 pm

V900 wrote:
Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:37 pm


Speed: 7
Torque: 3
Traction: 5
Armor: 9
Weapon: 6 (saw)

Armor: 10 (+1 plow)
Weapon: 5 (lifter)

Everyone's favorite crocodile-dog is here to flop around and give your robot AIDS.

Wedge on the saw configuration is hinged 90 degrees in both directions. Saw arm can rotate up to 90 degrees in both directions.
Plow on the secondary configuration can rotate 360 degrees.

It's 4 (four) eyes have bright green LEDs in them that can glow in darker environments. Saw applies a green paint smear on the opponent. Might or might not make a mockup of these. We'll see if I can do so before the deadline.
Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:08 pm
MW: Pressure Flop II
Sketchfab model
Shuffling turret hammer, the shell looking thing is a turret. It is mounted like a normal turret but also has rollers on the sides (like in a ring spinnner) for additional support.
The hammer is pneumatic, i have the option to fire it at half power, mainly for retracting it and for self righting.
See the three things around the turret that kinda look like hinged wedges, they can work as such but their main purpose is to use them as contact points to allow me to get away from a bot under me using the turret, should be rather intuitive how they work.
More images
High armor plow
(Hinged btw)
  • Speed: 3
  • Traction: 1
  • Torque: 1
Hammer config:
  • Weapon: 19(15 Hammer / 4 Turret)
  • Armor: 7
Turret config:
  • Weapon: 19(14 Hammer / 5 Turret)
  • Armor: 7
Armor config:
  • Weapon: 17(15 Hammer / 2 Turret)
  • Armor: 9(+2 plow)
saw config

IIRC he's using the turret config

  • Him being a hammer means I don't need to box rush, and by extension don't need to worry about the crooked cop. If he decides to camp near it, just wait until it retracts 30 seconds in.
  • He's running a turret, which means 100% chance of him arguing "b-but I turn faster!". Turnspeed doesn't translate into movement speed outside whatever portion of the arena he's camping in. The moment he actually presses forward on the controller, he drops right down to 3 movement speed.
  • If he wants to commit to the "use my turret to track him" schtick, he has to commit fully. Stay in place, forfeit any chance of showing aggression. Getting coralled around doesn't exactly mean control's gonna go in his favor either, and damage is entirely hinging on whether he lands a hit or not. At best, he gets 1 out of 3 JD categories, not a good look.
  • He can't play the "lol u have -2 traction" card because he has the same amount of traction disparity. And no, the turret doesn't magically fix that when you're turning with it. Your control is no better than mine.
  • Those wedgelets attached to the shell will prevent his hammer from turning if my chassis is up against the sides of them.
  • IMPORTANT: Being a hammer, he takes 2.5 seconds (15 / 6 as per CBC4 rules) to fire his weapon and retract it. So the initial swing requires half of that at 1.25 seconds. I have 3 torque, meaning I get up to full speed within 0.5 seconds. Meaning that even if I get caught with my pants down, I can back straight away before his hammer hits me. Also his hammer has an absolutely tiny area of effect, so good luck landing it.
  • The main bread and butter here is staying at least a few feet out of range and trying to get him to back himself up. Look for an opening, and go in. Those big gaping holes in his shell are perfect for me to get a steady grip on- my saw penetrates in a little less than 12 seconds, so even a 20 second grab will inflict massive 8+ damage if not more. Veer around, chase after his turret, wait for him to slip up for so much as a second and get my OHKO in. Saw go brr, drive motor and/or lipo battery go smoke-sizzle-crackle.
  • He wants to camp next to a wall all match and drag things out to JD? Alright, that's fine. See above.
  • Look out for any yolostrats he might try, such as suddenly juking the turret one way right after turning it the other way, strafe tactics, so on and so forth.
  • If absolutely necessary, my saw arm can be sacrificed (talking like "worst case scenario" here) to avoid getting KO'd. In that case, use my 3 torque to push him instead upon wedging.
gl hf

wordcount says 502 but i'll edit 2 words out if alex decides to be anal about it :V

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Re: Acrid vs. Pressure Flop II

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sun May 10, 2020 10:18 pm

Acrid: 7/5/3/6/9 saw config
I was expecting him to go for the plow tbh.
Pressure Flop II: 3/1/1/19(14 hammer / 5 turret)/7 turret config
The thing has 9 armor, i deal a total of 6 damage and 5 shock damage per hit anywhere. Suffice to say that i will only need a couple of hits to get the KO, the first hit should disable something important. Even one hit will compromise something important.
He can flank the turret if he specifically wants to and is close to me(he can't from far away) but i can counter it by turning my whole bot as always if he really commits to the flanking. If he tries a bit of angling the turret is fast enough to keep up so he really needs to try to get to my back if he wants to get under and not get hit.
If he tries the bait approach i can guarantee a head to head, i have a shot at getting my wedge under to deny his attack from that angle. Anyways if this happens just let him come in, he is long enough to get hit from up close so don't fire until our wedges make contact or something to not get baited.
If you don't buy the turning the bot then also note that after getting to my back he needs to turn to face me and that gives me like a second for the turret to catch up to his small speed advantage. Also note that with -2 control he is likely to fuck up that move, giving me the hit.
Basically i can keep calm and let him stress out, he has to either survive 3 minutes without taking many hits (not happening unless he chickens out) or find a way to kill me. He has no way of getting an OOTA so his only solution is to go for the colorful fatales in the corners.
He will need to get them to at least orange to do some real damage and he will probably fuck up his wedge while doing so if he tries to get more than one of these in. Trying to do this will take a while and give me time to get wherever i want in the arena, turning multiple fatales on will take forever.
Anyways start the fight rushing to the middle while pointing my turret to Acrid at all times and prepare for him to come at me. If he tries to use his speed to activate the fatales try to see if he is turning all of them on or only a few. If he spreads out to all stay right at the middle to give me more time in whatever direction he eventually attacks me. If he only turns on one or a few then head to the corner opposite to those, he will need to first attack me from head on and heavily risk a big hit. Even if he pulls it off a white hit wont do much and he still has a long way to go for a fatale, no bueno for him.
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