Defenestrator vs. Dreadnought (CBC4 HW Round 2)

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Defenestrator vs. Dreadnought (CBC4 HW Round 2)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:56 pm


Defenestrator: 7/6/2/4/11 (+1 top plates)
Dreadnought: 7/6/3/3/11


Using the Anti-Hammer config (lifter and shock-mounted top armor, no clamp). Alex said Dreadnought's using his sawtooth wedge.

Yes the anti-hammer config. No, I’m not an idiot. Snake-style clamps are backdrivable so a flipper can easily push them open, and with an FHF I’d generally be grabbing close to his fulcrum where the force is highest. His flipper’s also so wide his entire surface is either a flipper or sloped, and as much as I’d love to grab him behind it when it opens I know Alex is a great driver. So I’m going for consistent lifting performance and quicker self-righting. As an added bonus this config puts my CG the farthest back which makes lifting without tipping the easiest.

Anyway: stay very aggressive in the neutral, primarily going for his front. My forks can easily go between his wedgelets. And with the new rules I don’t have to press and my outer pontoons are still really low. Get under, gun it, and lift to try to tip him over backwards. If he backs off get the forks on the ground and keep after him – but even with them raised the wedgelets might get him. I want to flip him over, make him use his gas self-righting, and if possible when he does so wedge him from the back or side so I can high-center him.

If he gets under me I have the clearance to easily back or J-turn off. Mix this up as much as possible and make it as hard as I can for him to get enough “bite” to cleanly overturn me. If he does, self-right. If he’s waiting under me raise the arm until I’m on my rear and my wheels touch the floor, then rapidly reverse and turn and let torque reaction finish the job.

Don’t open the pit and if possible block him from doing so. Do turn on the Murdersaw as it will make it harder for him to OOTA. Use the hazards aggressively, INCLUDING THE LOG ROLLERS. Dreadnought has a beveled arse which lets it tip back without getting high-centered, but otherwise has low clearance and just two small wheels. The rollers could legitimately strand him and an FHF won’t be as effective at jostling him free.

Don’t take hazard baiting, don’t do dumb stuff, and remember to be aggressively strategic.

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Re: Defenestrator vs. Dreadnought (CBC4 HW Round 2)

Post by GF93 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:23 pm

Sawtooth Wedge, as seen here.

Defenestrator matches me for speed/traction, and his powerful lifter could pose problems if I'm not careful. However, I have the stronger torque/acceleration, the consistently more reliable wedge (2WD forked versus 4WD hinged away from the narrow arm, and pressing won't help), and I can easily escape being wedged under as needed. His setup removes his invertability, and there's little on my chassis that he can effectively latch onto: making my flipper more likely to OOTA first.

Being aggressive and strategic's naturally what to do, but not recklessly so. Move out quickly, watch how he approaches, and mix up my approaches depending on what he does. If he charges in headlong or presses his arm down, angle in; or feint doing so, then reverse and counter when he goes to lift. If he monster-trucks, reverse to catch him. If he tries angling, turn in more with my better manoeuvrability/acceleration to cut him off. In any case: force the attack, counter as needed, dive under, flip, then get shoving. If he gets under me, don't panic: mix up reversing/j-turning off immediately as needed to get away, then counter.

Once I'm underneath, keep the advantage going as long as I can and take full advantage of the environment: keep underneath and him on his back, actively interfere with his self-righting, and copy his movements to stop him escaping. Squash him into the Hacksaws/Axes to both wear down the clock and deal damage (especially upside-down to ruin his baseplate), force him into the Housebots, and especially prioritise OOTAing given the chance. Since he's quick, don't risk either Release unless I can activate them by flipping him into the Rollers to do both that and mess up his self-righting. Beware of him going for either; and if he activates either hazard, force him in while avoiding getting caught myself.

Defence is mostly aggressive: actively taking the fight to him, pursuing him if he runs away, and limiting his movement to near walls/hazards/CPZs. Likewise, stay moving and unpredictable and keep my back/sides well protected throughout, conserve gas for self-righting and OOTA attempts, and avoid walls/hazards unless using them myself. Self-right immediately if flipped and escape before continuing to escape combos, and especially beware the Rollers. If being pushed toward them, either steer away or angle myself sideways to how they turn to most easily escape.

Good luck, HFL!

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