Skoll vs. Magnolia Grande (CBC4 Middleweights)

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Skoll vs. Magnolia Grande (CBC4 Middleweights)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:45 pm


Skoll: 4/2/1/15/8 (+1 weapon)

Magnolia Grande: 4/2/1/15/8 (+1 weapon)

CONFIGS: We both went high-armor blade lol.

Okay, we’ve got two very similar bots. Either of us can easily KO the other or inflict severe shock damage, and also this is Woodshed with two horizontal spinners which is 100% lulz.

I’m starting upright. Grande’s skinnier T shape, proportionally taller chassis, and all that empty space in the truss section means that bot’s pretty big. I don’t want to bet the fight on having a longer blade than that thing. Weapon-to-weapon is even at 2-2 and shock damage is 4-4 so it’s the real killer.

On the other hand, if HE goes invertable, then he’s got a physically large bot, and a chassis that’s proportionally pretty tall and built around a big ICE, which isn’t exactly compact. Meanwhile Skoll’s actually got a pretty compact and flat chassis for a middleweight. I think if he’s inverted, even if he takes the “figurehead” off, the front of Skoll can low-profile him, and he’s not so gigantic that I won’t rip his grille open long before he can touch my wheels.

Spin up and meet him in the middle. ICEs aren’t reversible mid-fight, so watch which way he spins in the twitch test and spin the same direction to get BIG hits. That paragraph about how the ICE power curve helps him when he’s getting glancing blows on plows? Well the opposite’s truth with big weapon-to-weapon hits, especially in Woodshed where there’s limited space and subsequent wall impacts are likely. I can spin back up a little faster after a big hit and keep him in low rpms. Also note that with both bots’ wheel positions wheel-to-wall hits are likely if we fling ourselves into stuff. We have the same armor score technically but I have springy rubber wheels and he has thin metal spokes that could snap/buckle if the wheel takes a big hit.

Don’t trigger the pit or murdersaw unless one of the triggers is already pressed (intentionally or not). If they are active try to keep the fight in the side “wings” of the arena. If there’s a cripple fight (likely), try to get to the side of his center thing and ram his exhaust pipes so hopefully one bends or comes off, + see if I can wedge my bar under his circular wheel pods without losing all my own traction.

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Re: Skoll vs. Magnolia Grande (CBC4 Middleweights)

Post by The Monsterworks » Sun Feb 16, 2020 12:21 am

We have stats. They are the same.

I know HFL. He'll take stuff like spinning direction, angle of contact, some of my ornamental design features, ICE power curve, arena features, etc. into consideration. Dude's thorough AF.

Thing is, though, look at the pictures of our respective bots. If they are built on an even halfway reasonable scale, I outrange him and he has to know it. The big thing is how to make that matter: whichever way he starts (under or overcutter), I'll start the opposite. HFL is likely to have either a contingency plan or some physics/engineering-related gobbledegook to try to explain it away. I'll be removing the 'figurehead' if I'm forced to go overcutter mode to remove any chance he has of slipping under my blade (he's marginally lower in overall height). Removing it will not only make me lower to the ground. It'll also angle my blade slightly downwards where it'll be impacting him. Further, I have those upward-facing (downward, in overcutter mode) teeth to put this one on ice.

I also have some leeway in the form of my ablative 'grille'. If he somehow outranges me (possibly due to my hitting at an angle), he tears off a pointless, pretty hunk of metal. When I hit him, I'll be hitting the fulcrum his weapon rotates around and pretty much instantly gimping his weapon.

Finally, we have the arena. I want to minimize the power of ricochets, since my power curve does better with glancing blows, getting back up to speed faster than his. That means spinning into his spin direction in overcutter mode and opposite it in undercutter mode when we actually make contact. This not only favours my power curve, but crucially removes some RNG from this hellish arena. Further to that, I'll attempt to use arena positioning to make sure that I receive knockback into realatively harmless spaces, while he gets sent into hazards/housebots/the chute.

Good luck!
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