CBC4 R2 MW: Dragonfist vs. Pizza 2

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CBC4 R2 MW: Dragonfist vs. Pizza 2

Post by Rocket » Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:00 pm

Dragonfist (Flail Meta Best Meta) (0-1)
Speed: 3 | Traction: 1 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 16 | Armour: 9 | 4WD | Shell Spinner wedge

Pizza 2 (My Favourite Topping Is Arugula) (1-0)
Speed: 4 | Traction: 2 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 16 | Armour: 7 | 2WD | No Wedge


The good news from my perspective is that I considerably outrange his spinner with my flails. The bad news is that flails have been slightly nerfed, so I'd really rather not take hits weapon-to-weapon. Fortunately, I kind of don't have to. While Pizza's bar is much better than the stubby little nonentity of previous competitions, it's still not got the biggest range in the world and I can quite easily hit the top part of the chassis with my flails rather than the actual bar. If I do hit the bar? Well, I've got to mitigate that.

I'm not going to spin up immediately, because Pizza almost certainly is. So I'm going to watch for which way he spins up and spin counter to it so that I'm not giving him much engagement on my flails. The flails should hit hard and mangle the top of the chassis if they're being punted towards it rather than away from it. If I get in close enough, I might snipe a wheel, and 8 damage means goodnight Vienna to whichever one I hit. Still, I have to be careful not to let him take one of the flails off with his bar. 5 damage adds up, and I don't want the shell unbalanced, so I want him to be making me deal even more damage to himself where possible.

If he does manage to get in close, I don't think he'll even manage a weapon-on-weapon hit with my shell - the undercutter's nice and low, so there's a chance I'll be able to smash the bottom of his chassis out from under him. Of course, I need to be in the centre of the arena, so I'll head there at the start of the fight while spinning up. I need to keep spinning and keep hitting his chassis, so keep the revs high and keep on the attack, trying to follow wherever I end up chucking him around the arena as long as it doesn't put me too close to the walls.

Good luck, Code, and have fun. =]
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Re: CBC4 R2 MW: Dragonfist vs. Pizza 2

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Feb 15, 2020 7:58 pm

Virgin Dragonfist: 3/1/1/16/9
CHAD Pizza: 4/2/1/16/7
Basically right, I'll spin up to full speed, and go weapon to weapon. but wait, there's more! I'll aim so my weapon hits exclusively the flails, which should mean that the flail will (worst case scenario for me) go flying onto the other side of the shell, successfully unbalancing it, and making it go apeshit. Once the spinner is slowed down, I'll use my blade to do some severe damage to the shell's body, maybe even exposing the internals.
I will make sure to EXCLUSIVELY hit the flails, if I need to go down to 3 speed then I'll do so, just to get that exact precision to hit weapon on weapon, flail on blade as hitting the direct shell would be catastrophic for me. But let's say she tries some fancy maneuver to hit with exclusively the shell, but I'll make sure not to fall for those tricks that she'll try to play. If she tries to also come up with the excuse of "ohhh I can hit the chassis before you hit me" I'll say essentially "no you fucking can't lmao" and I'll keep enough space for her to not reach my blade with her shell, but only with her flails. How will I do this? by actually driving :V
Tldr: hit the flails, unbalance the shell, and use those opportunities of her spinning back up to damage the shell itself, which can get all sorts of fucked up from a mild bend (see Typhoon 2 not bring able to spin. Up in the qualifiers)
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