WK2 HW: Wallop vs Electro-Death

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WK2 HW: Wallop vs Electro-Death

Post by British-Robotics » Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:44 am

Electro-Death is not going to stand up to Wallop’s weapon that well, plus the armour is strong enough to handle Electro’s weapon no problem. He can’t K-O me, he can’t damage me, so that gives me the upper hand.

Electro Death may be the fastest in the arena but having that much speed can create errors, force him towards the arena walls, possibly the hazard, aggressively angle in with my weapon facing frontal and attempt to clip the side of Electro and Chain some shots if successful.

If I’m struggling to get to Electro’s early on or during the match, then I’ll switch to feint angling and get near enough to force Electro to raise the lifting weapons or attempt to hit the lifting wedges to try and buckle them, if he does this then I’ll get right at Electro and damage the exposed chassis underneath, If I get flipped, I’ll use my arm to self-right.

Good luck and may the best robot win. :)

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Re: WK2 HW: Wallop vs Electro-Death

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:02 pm


Normal (forks and useful spinner) config.

Spin up, get into the middle of the arena. Wallop can easily KO me if it gets a good hit in, so be very careful to avoid going at him head-on. I have a substantial speed advantage, and while his control ratio is better in theory, in practice his weapon’s got enough power that he’ll probably experience some wheel lift in rapid turns, and his wide side wedges will completely high-center him if there’s ANY wheel lift, so despite his better traction it could be very hard for him to keep up with me without severe oversteer or understeer. His wedgelets also have limited reach and everything else is static: try to attack his front corners. If we hit head-on anyway his wedgelets may go between mine and get clipped by the drum. His weapon has more power but it looks like a thick, heavy disc so his tip speed advantage might not be that big. Worst-case I can take a couple hits on the drum. If I’m flipped, immediately self-right and run.

If I get a good hit, DO NOT let the pressure up at all. Keep hitting him until my drum runs out of energy, then use my lifting arms to keep him high-centered while I spin back up (they outreach my drum) and see if I can grind at his underside and tear his wheels up. If he’s tipped sideways his wheels don’t touch the floor and his arm doesn’t have the range to do so either. Repeat until he’s dead. With 1 power and needing to go a full 180 degrees his “lifter” won’t self-right him quickly and its presence keeps his disc from kicking him back over.

Don’t open the pit since I need room to maneuver, unless I can strand him on it inverted – then run into the nearest button while he self-rights! Don’t press both triggers, though.

If I get hit and end up back on my wheels and in one piece, but my lifter’s badly damaged, then as a last resort raise it and use the chassis wedges underneath: they won’t beat his wedgelets but they may beat another 4WD static wedge, especially if I’ve already damaged his.


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