KILLER QUEEN vs Icebreaker

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KILLER QUEEN vs Icebreaker

Post by hide » Sun Feb 09, 2020 9:51 pm

Killer Queen, FORKS ON: 6/5/1/7/11, +2 flipper
Icebreaker, NORMAL CONFIG:7/5/1/6/11

1. I have m e c a n u m s, and I'm far better controlled: -1 on me vs -2 on him, which nullifies his speed advantage (since he can't
keep up with me and my strafing). Even if I didn't have the advantages I just outlined, he only has 1 speed on me anyways (which
means no flanking or other driving tricks).
2. Yes, he does have a forked wedge, but the question is WHERE are the forks? If you look at his render you can clearly see he only has forks in the middle, meaning he only has a wedge-advantage in head on head collisions, which are avoidable.

Besides speed and wedge, what does he really have on me? Stats-wise, as stated, he has worse control (meaning he's going to oversteer), a worse flipper in regards to power, etc. Besides some categories, I hold a good advantage against him. It helps that we're in the Woodshed, which has a easily accessible OOTA zone....

Anyways, it's pretty obvious what he thinks I'm going to do: flank him, considering his -2 traction. Well, how about no? Well, at least not at the start. Instead of engaging right away, I'll stay at a safe distance and circle around him, trying to make him think that I'm aiming to flank. I'll do this for some time, and if he tries to engage I'll avoid him as much as possible and reposition to a better location, hopefully away from the Murdersaw triggers (which I do NOT want to activate). When the time is right, I'll charge in... but not at the flanks, but rather the side of the front wedge, where it's flat vs "flat" (because of "forks", I have a slight advantage). If I get under, drive HARD to the short wall, and throw him up and over. I'm a power flipper, it'll be easy.

If my initial strategy doesn't work, I'll play more conservatively, and instead of directly dealing with Icebreaker, I'll lead him to house robots and try to wear him down, circling further away, etc. Instead of direct engagement, I'll wear him down without directly attacking him. When he's softened up enough, I'll head in at his sides and go for the OOTA.

If all else fails, just flank him.

Team C/D:
Taskmaster: Reckoning: Evolution/CBC 4 (0-4)
Taskmaster V2: REDDIT 2 (3-3)
SPINNERFOOD: Thunder Underground (1-4), CBC 4
Taskmaster V3: Thunder Underground (3-1), ARC Rumble
D O N O T C R O S S: Thunder Underground (2-0)
Whodunnit 2: DIO entered, No.16
Taskmaster V4/King Crimson: Not the Football League (1-0), CBC 4 (0-1)
Killer Queen: CBC 4 (2-0)

Overall record: 12-13

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Re: KILLER QUEEN vs Icebreaker

Post by Superbomb122 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:17 pm

You are approaching me?

Normal config

Killer Queen has a lot of problems to deal with against Icebreaker. It’s slower than Icebreaker. Its teeth on the wedge barely stick out. The teeth are placed far enough apart for me to angle the flat part of the wedge easily. The mecanums aren’t oriented correctly to actually strafe (though it’ll still be able to move diagonally, I guess). The flipper is presumably the entire wedge, meaning anywhere on the front is susceptible to being tossed because there’s got to be some solid mechanism keeping it in place. The flipper is too short to get the travel necessary to really launch a robot. Killer Queen probably tips forward when it tries to flip something. In short, it’s very flawed for the purpose of fighting a flipper.

With all that covered, I start the match by staying cautiously near my square. Let him try to approach and punish whatever approach he takes by angling slightly and ramming full force into his wedge to get under. Get squarely under him (not hard to do when a 7 speed bot with the better wedge hits a 6 speed bot head-on) and toss him. If he can strafe effectively, proceed with a little more caution to make sure he doesn't cheese is way under. Over the course of the match, vary my approach to keep him on his toes, and if at all possible, throw him at a hazard. Don’t get too fancy for my own good, though. I can’t let him take advantage of my traction differential. Take the free OOTA if the opportunity comes.

If he gets under me, try to back away. Hopefully his flipper’s small length of travel means my wedges absorb the energy without issue.If he gets a solid flip, don’t worry. I self-right easily. The goal is to make it as hard as possible for him to stay under me. Keep away from hazards (the best I can in this hellhole) and don’t give him any obvious looks to my side and especially my back. If all goes well, I won’t have to worry about this part of my strategy for very long.

TL;DR: Exploit his flaws, get under, flip, flip, OOTA, don't die

GLHF Sirens
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