Lilly Frgo and Jack Hammer vs Pressure Flop II

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Lilly Frgo and Jack Hammer vs Pressure Flop II

Post by patrickrowberry » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:45 pm

lf: 8,6,3,5,2

jh 3,1,1,14,5

pf, 3,1,1,19 Weapon: 19(14 hammer / 5 turret),7

14-7=7 so both of us can 1 shot

14-5= fuck

(sorry to the writer in advance)

strat: let jack hammer lead the charge with lilly waiting to his bot is the centre and when that happens lilly will play destraction go for flip on his side while he is focused jack will get closer to get the shot

lilly will be the annoying fly going back and though as turrets are great at good at going in 1 direction but not at changing back and forth quickly and getting in flipps

as soon as jack gets close enough to hit him lilly will retreat and let both robots kill each other and let lilly be the last robot standing


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Re: Lilly Frgo and Jack Hammer vs Pressure Flop II

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:03 pm

Pressure Flop: 3/1/1/19(14 hammer / 5 turret)/7 Turret config

Lilly Frog: 8/6/3/5/2
Jack Hammer: 3/1/1/14/5(+2 to weapon)
Jesus fuck i though Jack hammer had something like 11 weapon.
Basically we both one shot each other unless we hit each other's hammer somehow, I also one shot Lilly Frog.
I 100% out reach Jack Hammer, not only proportions-wise my hammer is longer but i also am 3 times it's weight, this gives me a big advantage, specially considering we both have the same slow speed.
Disabling the bot with the hammer is top priority, if both bots engage at me together (try to avoid this) always target Jack Hammer, even if this means letting Lilly frog do things to me. If Lilly flips me and Jack is near by quickly use my hammer to self right and turn my turret towards Jack, hopefully i can wack him away with it or something.
When targeting Jack fire as soon as i have clear shot, he isn't fast enough to bait. Also if possible move away from him at a ~120° angle (ideally away from Frog) while using the turret to aim, this should make it harder for him to get in range.

If Jack is dead or far away i will engage at Lilly Frog, if i turn my bot and turret together i can keep up with it's speed, if it gets under me hopefully the 3 hinged things around my ring should let me escape by just using the turret, hopefully this will give me an opening to instakill it.

The arena is a big and is U shaped, meaning we start very far away.
If Pat is smart he will keep frog at the same pace as Jack so they can both engage at the same time. If this happens move closer and go towards the Hammer.
If Pat isn't so smart he will rush with Frog leaving the hammer behind. If this happens i will just wait in my starting square to get the most time possible to kill Frog before Jack reaches me.

GL HF, don't do dumb shit like failing for hazard bait.
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