Featherweight Week 2 - CIRCUITZ vs Lil' Yeetums

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Featherweight Week 2 - CIRCUITZ vs Lil' Yeetums

Post by Killjoy » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:29 pm

CIRCUITZ: 10/8/4/5/3 - Full front plate flipper.
Lil Yeetums: 6/4/1/10/9 - Forks

Eye of the Tiger

Okay, I'm the Rocky in this fight: a huge underdog up against one of the favourites that's supposed to dust me in one hit, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel, and here's why:

I actually have a ridiculous speed advantage plus mecanums and he has control issues too. His flipper is just stupid levels of strong, but mine's nothing to laugh at either. Basically, rush him, strafe, create an opening, and flip. Chain flips. It's not like I don't have the speed. I want to deny him control with my speed, pushing power, and chaining flips right into a wall or hazards. When he's against a wall, get him near a hazard, pin him there for most of the timer, and release him into the path of the hazard before it expires.

People don't know how to handle deathflippers and death axes, but you basically need to treat them like the non-perpetual spinners that they are. Luckily for me, he doesn't have many of a spinner's advantages. He has a pretty narrow striking area, has to get under me to do damage, and has to time his flips - against 10 speed CIRCUITZ, with a good wedge and mecanums.

Don't play with fire by baiting him. Just moving fast and actively trying to flank will cause him to swing and miss a few times naturally. Obviously, use my speed to take advantage when that happens. Throw in some off-speed things and don't always flank to the same side. Sometimes, strafe around one way at a safe distance like I'm about to dart in, but suddenly reverse. Use his reaction time and oversteer when he changes turning directions to give me an opening. BUT: don't be afraid to prioritize staying mobile instead of pointlessly aggressive. Wait for the good opportunities. They will come. Then it's time to go 100% Hellhound on his ass as outlined above.

Good luck there buddy
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Re: Featherweight Week 2 - CIRCUITZ vs Lil' Yeetums

Post by attackfrog » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:09 pm

Lil' Yeetums is using forks. Who knows what CIrcuits is using... I only just now found out it has configs at all. If it's using one of those, I want some compensation >:|

Anyways, this is my second fight in a row against a speedy Mantella bot with 3 armor and mecanum wheels. I can dispatch this one in the same way as Finishing Move: by flipping it, even just once, and letting the fall damage break it.

Now I'll acknowledge that Circuits is pretty fast, so Lil' Yeetums is going to get angled in on and all that. She's also going to get flipped. But she can self-right quickly, especially if I'm able to do it with a lower-power flip as I describe in my signup post. There's no OOTA zone for Circuitz to win the match with, and while it does have the torque to push Yeetums around, Yeetums is designed to monster truck and will drive over Circuits and off it before it can push Yeetums into the hazards.

All I need to do is keep on trying for my chance, aiming my forks to get under those skirts and then immediately flip CIrcuitz for maximum damage. Until I get that, I'll recover and escape being controlled as many times as it takes.

GLHF Jules!

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