CBC4 LW Round 2: Magnolia Pico vs Bluetooth

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CBC4 LW Round 2: Magnolia Pico vs Bluetooth

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:29 pm

The pipe organ will play this.

Magnolia Pico (flipper): 4 / 2 / 1 / 14 / 9

Bluetooth: 3 / 2 / 1 / 16 / 8

One of these bots is faster and can OHKO its opponent. That bot isn't Bluetooth. With a single flip, I can fling this guy 14 feet through the air and deal 6 impact damage (OHKO range) on landing. At the very least, he's going to suffer frame warping, bent axles or tires popping off their rims, or a crooked weapon mounting. All of those things are a big deal to an undercutter without much room for error in terms of his blade impacting either the floor or his chassis. It's also unsupported on one side and those things have a history of occasionally just flying off.

Defensively, I'm pretty strong too. I have a 13 armour flipper (which means the whole thing, not just the plow portion, BTW) that can hold up for quite a few shots against his weapon and double the weight of most bots, so impacts with his weapon are only going to be throwing me about half as far. I may have only 6 units of speed compared to your traditional brick's 9 (2/3 the speed), but I have only 1/2 the distance to cover in order to smother him. The math don't lie.

Basically, I wanna come out, keep my plow facing him, and flip him. If he goes overcutter to try to get at the flipper's support arms, they still have 13 armour and I honestly don't think he has the height anyhow. Maybe he can take the ablative skull out? No! Not the skull! Importantly, he also makes it a lot easier to get under his blade and just flip him without him ricocheting himself away. Don't fall for obvious baiting, because that's a thing against flippers, though it's going to be very telegraphed with his 3 speed. If he's in undercutter mode, do what I have to speedwise to ensure a slow closing speed so that his blade will grind and skip slowly up my angled plow. Then, when I have enough bite, unleash the beast and send him to Mars (or the organ balcony). Immediately follow up flips, which should be made easier by damage done to him, and go for the KO. He hits hard, so try to finish this quick. Keep my front facing him at all times, just flip him if he tries the Tombstone swingaround, drive smart and aggressive, avoid hazards.

Good luck, froggo.
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Re: CBC4 LW Round 2: Magnolia Pico vs Bluetooth

Post by attackfrog » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:11 pm

Bluetooth is using its main config, Mango Pico is using its flipper.

MP has a decently armored flipper (though shouldn't it be 11 armor if it's an 8 power flipper?), but not armored enough to withstand Bluetooth's undercutter for a whole match. It doesn't have the drivetrain to control Bluetooth and stop its spinner, nor the speed to force Bluetooth far enough up its plow to get a quality flip.

I just need to keep Bluetooth spun up and keep chewing away at MP until I either get lucky and get past its flipper to its fragile legs, or do enough damage to its flipper to disable it. The body's going to be taking shock damage as well.

In the not unlikely event Bluetooth gets flipped, its spinning weapon should keep it from getting flipped over, and if it doesn't, Bluetooth drives perfectly well upside down (and may even have an easier time reaching past MP's plow with its weapon higher up, since the plow isn't as wide at that point.)

TL;DR: Spin to win.

GLHF Alex.

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