CBC4 LW Week 2: Golden MADD 2 vs. Trilobite!

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CBC4 LW Week 2: Golden MADD 2 vs. Trilobite!

Post by Rocket » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:04 am

Golden MADD 2 (Full-Gaudy Spinner) (1-0)
Speed: 3 | Traction: 1 | Torque: 1 | Weapon: 16 | Armour: 9 | 4WD Omniwheels | Shell Spinner Wedge

Trilobite! (Fastest Fossil Alive) (1-0)
Speed: 9 | Traction: 9 | Torque: 3 | Weapon: 0 | Armour: 9 | 2WD | Static Wedgelets

Tonight's organ piece: Harket's "Induunt Memet" in A Major


Uh-oh. Nine-armour speed w0dge versus a death-shell is pretty much the worst matchup in the world for the former, and that's me. Balls. Still, if nothing else, Dragonfist has taught me how to fight with a death shell; maybe I can use that knowledge the other way around, as it were. It's at least worth a try.

The obvious plan is to box-rush. I've got the speed, I've got the torque, I can turn on a dime and thwart any strafing MADD might try to pull off. If he doesn't strafe, I get there faster. He's got a lot of power in that shell and I probably won't be able to survive more than one low-power hit, but I'm absolutely fast enough and shaped properly to get underneath and slam him into a wall at pace. After that, it's a question of keeping him slowed down. He'll probably try to coin around and use his shell's momentum to his advantage, so stay on him all the time and try to get him into a corner where he can get properly stopped, then grind him along the walls towards the arena hazards. The Gargoyles worry me a lot; it's the only damage I'm likely to do in the fight, but there's the danger that him being in the air will give him time to spin up before getting dropped down. The point is more to keep doing damage to his control pole, which the Gargoyles' talons might manage to bend out of shape with repeated hits. The Pipe Organ damage is much less reliable, but it's also one of the better ways of turning him over if I can get him over to it.

Of course, this all hinges on me actually getting his shell stopped and keeping it that way, so I'll have to keep jamming my robot's face and/or googly eyes into that weapon for pretty much the entire fight. The opening hit is going to be the most dangerous by a long way, and a lot's riding on just what happens and how much power he can get into his weapon before his fist meets my happy smiley face. There isn't a lot I can do to mitigate that aside from positioning Trilobite! as far forward in the starting square as I can. There aren't any hazards in the middle of the arena, so it's a straight shot across the floor towards the big gold spinner - hopefully that means I can pull off the rush without getting to banged up in the process.

Good luck Carpe, and have fun. =]
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Re: CBC4 LW Week 2: Golden MADD 2 vs. Trilobite!

Post by carpedav000 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:44 pm

Single tooth shell for this fight. Ah the ole speed wedge vs deathfuck shell, thisll be fun. I bet you're wondering why I went for single tooth. Well my friends the answer is simple. If he leads with the ass plow, I reach around and hit the sides. If he leads with the hemisphere of doom, I hit those little forks. There's no avoiding it. So since he has 9 speed the box rush is gonna happen. I'm gonna start by spinning up and strafing out of my square. This helps me get more spinup time and makes him have to turn to reach me, which opens it up for driving errors to be made. If he makes a mistake, punish it. But I wont count on that so the main plan once up to speed is to just hit him however he comes. After the first hit he should be in pretty bad shape, but I'm still not gonna take it lightly. I need to stay spinning, or spin up as fast as possible if the shell stops. To do this, I'm gonna try the Chronos spinup (spinning the chassis the opposite direction of the shell). This gets the motors going faster sooner by reducing startup torque. If it works, great! If it doesnt, just go back to a normal spinup. If he starts to run away with it, just keep spinning. I only need one or two hits, and nobody can drive a perfect match.

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