Broken Tooth vs Blood Eagle

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Broken Tooth vs Blood Eagle

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Thu Feb 06, 2020 11:45 pm OH BUDDY BOY TRY PLAYIN *THIS* SHIT ON AN ORGAN


why list the stats when we both know they aren't in my favor? the advantage I have in this fight is Laz's hubris. that blade is the size of San Francisco, and is going to bend and wobble more when hit just by virtue of its size, no matter how well supported he can claim it to be. I also have just enough speed that I can can come at it from the sides, or on some sort of angle. his bar also isnt super thin, so it hopefully doesnt just mulch my wedges from the onset.

Blood Eagle takes hits alright from the front - like most offset spinners, the hit will make it rear up on its rear wheels, mostly. if I hit it fully from the side, it becomes more like a shell - much more likely to have the tooth on the opposite side of the bar impact the ground full force when there is an upwards hit placed on the other side of the spinner - say from a vertical spinner, or something.Obviously the closer the angle is to directly facing his front, the less it does shell things and the more it does offset spinner things - though it is still an undercutter, so it has a decent chance of doing that from a head-on angle, with the added bonus of it maybe eating its own chassis if the hit is hard enough.

basically the plan here is to see if I can take a wide angle (one that still lets me turn my spinner to meet him if he tries to dart in on me) using my front as a standard vertical spinnner obviously. the goal is to get a hit that destabilizes him hard enough that I rush him down from there and chain hits him into one of the clamping hazards. if I don't win on the first hit, I lose, so take my damned time setting things up to make that series of events as likely as possible. I have speed enough on him to choose when and how we engage, and that is extremely important to setting myself up to get the most value off of a successful engagement.


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Re: Broken Tooth vs Blood Eagle

Post by Madman » Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:44 pm

Broken Tooth: Speed: 6 / Traction: 4 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 10 (1 of weapon armor bonus to arm) / Armor: 9 (+3 front wedge), flat front wedges, rear wedge on

Blood Eagle: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 7 armour

Gabe has to know how badly outgunned he is. He can't hurt my weapon at all, does minimal damage to my body, and doesn't have the speed or control to think of flanking or effectively smothering. I do 4 damage to his weapon, 4 to his wedge, and 5 shock damage. That last one's the real killer. His critical systems are gonna start shitting the bed really quick.

He's gonna go for something sneaky but, from the size and shape of his bot and where the weapon's mounted, his arm probably can't outreach my blade, and taking 4 damage when its outstretched is gonna bend the weapon arm and leave him stuck in that position. If he tries that, just go straight at him and reverse a little just before we hit, to ensure that he gets bent out of shape.

He might be hoping for a RipTide/Black Dog strat, trying to chain me, but engagement angle is working against him there. We're basically just gonna kick each other backwards a lot, giving me even more time to recover weapon speed. Tip speed's a tossup. My blade's obviously heavier and larger radius, but it also has 60% more power. Anyway, he's not likely to get the flip + chain that he probably wants, especially if he doesn't hit me squarely, in which case I funky chicken away at an angle and he has to try to track me down with a 2WD? vert with a -2 control ratio. Even if he eventually manages to get that low-percentage flip, he does all of three damage and has to snipe a wheel on my oddly-shaped body while I try to not let him. I do more on each hit with shock damage. The clock's ticking for him right from the opening hit.

My goal's obvious: Hit him. Hit him hard. I want engagement at high closing speed, which increases my chances of grabbing the side of his disc for 5 damage (because corner) and wrenching it. If he's coming at me head on, take the impacts, give myself time to spin up, and come back in. Mix in letting him sneak around at a slight angle on the side where my weapon torque helps me turn faster. He won't be able to resist a potential wheel snipe. Whip my blade right into his side and carve him open. Avoid hazards.

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