Taskmaster V4 vs MR JOHN

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Taskmaster V4 vs MR JOHN

Post by hide » Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:29 pm

Taskmaster V4 (FORKS ON): 9/8/6/3/4
MR JOHN: 9/8/5/2 (1/1) /6

Taskmaster V4 does have a wedge disadvantage if he presses, something that I'll acknowledge at the start. However, for that to work in his favor, he needs to be able to:
1. Consistently wedge me
2. Outdrive me for the majority of the fight
Now, if we were to go head-on, of course he would outwedge me. But the thing is, I can keep him from forcing a head on for multiple reasons:
1. It's already established that MR JOHN is long, unwieldy and hard to drive. Now, if a 2WD bot like Banana Hyperdrive (2WD bots
generally have worse turning than 4WD) can exploit this, I probably can.
2. This is a fight between 9 speed bots with very, very near even drive otherwise. In a scenario like this, details like those make all
the difference.
3. If he presses immediately like he wanted to do with Banana Hyperdrive (note: before even wedging the opponent), that's gonna hinder his mobility to a degree, which works against him when he's already very unwieldy
So, given these 3 factors, I think I can avoid straight-head on conflicts for most of the match.

So, given that, my strategy is obviously to avoid head-on attacks. If he wants to press, go ahead! I'll open with a quick attack at a angle, and if he adequately responds I'll try to swerve and avoid it, and then repeat. Through the match, I'll go at him like this: pressuring from different angles in attempts to get under. If one area works, I'll pressure MR JOHN there, and if it doesn't I'll obviously approach elsewhere. Basically: "angling in but no but yes*

So, when I get under, I'll go for a hard drive, with the goal of getting that sweet, sweet OOTA victory. To those who will say "but FW in HW arena", MR JOHN was able to very nearly OOTA Banana Hyperdrive with a 1-power lifter, AKA the slowest it can be and still be powered + it's drive. Now, if JOHN could do that, then Taskmaster V4 (which has higher torque and a stronger weapon) should conceivably be able to score a OOTA.

TLDR: Never go head on, attack at angles, OOTA at soonest convenience

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Re: Taskmaster V4 vs MR JOHN

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:58 pm

Me: 9/8/5/2/6
Him: 9/8/6/3/4
Basically this is gonna be a fight in which I win. He has a hellhound plow, I have 6 shallow forks. Basically when he needs to get underneath he'll have to try and lower his wedge, I'd have to as well, but I'll wait for him to try and lower his wedge down first. The thing is, I can angle my wedgelets into his, how so? he has a pointed tip on each individual fork. on a head on confrontation since I have a flat tip, I should be able to get underneath. This will mean I'll be able to get my forks lifting upwards a little, taking his wheels off the ground and allowing me to get a shove in. By the way, when he tries to go in to press his wedge, I'll meet him head to head and press down right before I go in to get under, if I don't get underneath, unpress my forks and back up, he'll most likely go for a forwards push, so I'll back up and turn away. As he realizes "oh he got away" and tries to raise his scoop up for more torque and traction I'll get to his side as turning will be more difficult because of only 2 of his 4 wheels on the ground. This will allow me to start pushing him around, then I'll use my lifter to throw him upside down, making him have to readjust yet again, giving me more time to flip him over and over and over, causing me to gain control of this fight. If I don't get underneath in any confrontation, back away and try and try again until I finally get underneath. If he slams me to the wall, I'll play dead until he leaves me alone, acting like it's dead then once he leaves me alone, I'll self right immediately. If he doesn't leave me alone, I'll self right as quickly as possible and try to recover from all the slamming, there surely will be an instance of his plow being on top of mine and accidentally monstertrucking over me, then I'll use this opportunity to flip him over, score some points, and regain control of the battle.
Good luck, have fun, I hope I win because then I can say I gamered on hellhound with our overlord :heck:
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