Mr John vs Banana Hyperdrive

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Mr John vs Banana Hyperdrive

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Dec 14, 2019 6:32 am

John: 9/8/5/2 (1 srimech/pressing lifter)/6
Banana: 9/8/2/2/9

Ok so we both are fast as fuck, and we have the same stats bar torque and armor. The first thing I'll do is press the lifter down for maximum wedging ability. Look at his wedge, what do you see? Forks at the end, not in the center! What a shame! I'll slot my forks in since a pressing forked wedge is better than a flat 2wd one. We'll stay nose to nose due to our similar drive stats. He will get outpushed by me no matter what, and so once I'm under I'll use the toppler to perfectly balance him so that his wheels do not touch anything, then I will get to a side wall, slam it, if I can get a chance to OOTA I will commit yeetus. If I can, take him to the pulverizer and the hazards. as those could rack up some points for me. If he does wedge me, since I'm so flat he won't be able to flip me because of my low center of gravity, but that's implying he'll get a chance to flip! When there's a minute left the killsaws will come out, I'll avoid those myself but if I get the chance to, I'll topple him over onto them or bully him onto one. If I make a driving fucky wucky I'll reverse away, correct my orientation, and go back at him, he's fast but he doesn't accelerate the best, I'd just be hauling ass and be right up to full steam as he'd be accelerating at a VIRGIN pace. this allows me to buy time to correct any driving errors I made, and then charge forward to going head on. I'll need to take control of this battle and I'll need to be quick and dominant.
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Re: Mr John vs Banana Hyperdrive

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 8:54 pm

Yeah keeping the Wedgelets on for this, even if he outreaches them, the main wedge is still ground scraping so I should still have a slight wedge advantage.
Start off aggressively, rushing towards him but angling on as we meet. If he presses down then that’s a loooong long length between the end of those front forks and the back wheels, tiny wheels as well, meaning he won’t be able to turn for shit. I can quite easily come in from the side, if all of the Wedgelets are on the same lifting mechanism that means they will all be moving at the same time, therefore, pressing, the long ones will be touching the floor, sure but the short ones won’t meaning I can get under it easily. If I get under it from the side and grip it with my banana then the thing is helpless, none of it’s tiny wheels will be touching the floor, meaning it is at my mercy, I can safely take it to the killsaws, with how thin it is and how low armour it is, a good saw or two could literally cut right through it, meaning I can take out a side of drive quite quickly, that’s the problem with such a thin robot, it doesn’t take much effort to get into them juicy internals. After this I can then push it over to the pulveriser for give it a good whacking, maybe even disable a few more internal things. Theoretically speaking me having the much bigger wheels mean I have the slight speed advantage over him, plus I can just reverse off of him if he gets under me for just even a second, heck, I can even quite easily monster truck over him, turn around and get him from behind. Since everything on the front is technically a lifter, it won’t act as a “hinged” wedge, it’ll either be pressing or off the ground slightly. Apart from when he’s pressing I have the massive wedge advantage at all times and can afford to be the more aggressive one, getting under him, clamping on and bringing him to the killsaws and the pulveriser repeatedly until he’s dead which shouldn’t take long at all. Best of luck Code.

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