Thunder Underground: Info and Results

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Thunder Underground: Info and Results

Post by Badnik96 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:17 am

The following teams/robots must declare configurations to their opponents by Wednesday at 11:59 or risk forfeiting:

Badnik: Immolator, Night Slasher
Trihunter: Runaway Rabbit
Wolf: Avast!
Noah: Mean Bean Machine, D13, MURDERFACE, Tongue of the Fatman
Billy: Darwinian Predator, Mecha Shapeshifter, Dardanera
Gabe: Endless Clowns, Ritual
TBR: Violent Storm
Jack: Mania
Laz: Hoarfrost, Krakatoa, Hellcat, Hellhound
Maxi: Need For Spin, Cookie Cutter
HFL: Bone Hurting Juice, Trustfall, Manglerfish, T-Pose
Alex M: Blood Diamond, Abyss
Rocket: Tabor
Shaba: Death Metal
TCRR: Tiny Torque, Convict, 8 Wheels of Terror
Superbomb: Nightshade
Noisy: Vertigo
Rinzler: Wasp
Wham: Cthulhu's Creation
Jules: TRiP

Week 5 matchups are assigned on the spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing


any RPs posted on the forum will not be counted or read.

Good luck everyone!
Team Ignition
Redline: Robot Bastards 1 LW champ
Pyrite: FRR Backlash LW champ
The Debilitator: Cherry Bomb Classic 1 LW champ
Sling Shot: Bot O' Rama 2016 Sportsman champ
Doomerang: Robot Fight Night HW champ

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Re: Thunder Underground: Info and Results

Post by Badnik96 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:53 pm

Week 1
(results are incomplete for now. keep an eye on this thread)


Galactic Terror vs LARGE
I gotta say it really doesn’t look like the omnis are touching the ground – I’ll give benefit of the doubt there because I’m not an asshole, but frog is still right in that generally speaking h-drives have all/most of the wheels on omni, not just the strafing ones. Regardless the first few hits are a clusterfuck anyway since neither of you invested in control at all.

Despite all my complaining in the previous paragraph GT does manage to connect solidly with a wheel, ripping out a large chunk right before it and BIG both go flying from the hit. Neither of them are really showing any damage as they line up slowly for the next one…

HEFTY HIT THERE KENNY as GIGANTIC and Galactic Terror fly away once more, GT going well up into the air and spinning a tad bit off-center. Looks like SPACIOUS got in a nice uppercut to one of the weird floppy top teeth GT has going there. So now SIZABLE is flopping about on about 1 and 2/3 of a wheel and GT is going around with 2 ½ of a weapon, as they face off once more. And again Galactic terror gets lucky with the hits. It really just looked like a clipping shot, but it again ripped out a sizable portion of the left side wheel as the two bots fly away from the impact, and CONSIDERABLE is really looking worse for wear – every time it tries to move it slaps it flops about wildly due to the fact that it has about half a fuctional wheel on the left side. This is also making spinning up hard, and GIANT eventually taps out after another hit from GT sends it flying once more.

Your winner, by KO in 1:12, is Galactic Terror!

Evo vs Bone Hurting Juice
I have no idea if evo is using the bar and HFL gave me a 10 yard long dissertation on why exactly spinning into your opponent’s spin direction is a good thing with a max reach blade. Honestly though, Evo is wider than you are HFL and reaches to the edges of his body, so you’re at best about the same length.

Really what we have here is a fucking Marth vs Marth mirror, and the first hit sees both bots violently convulse backwards as Evo’s weapon bar splits in two and Bone hurting juice’s weapon belt goes flying off of the bot. it turns into a pushing match from there, and nothing too notable happens – Evo has the advantage of those weird fork horn things on the front letting it get in shoves sometimes, especially when the half of the bar still around is under the bot instead of getting in the way up front. BHJ does its best to get the weapon bar underneath its opponent and succeeds a few times, but it really just leads to more head-to-head pushing matches that it tends to lose when its rounded glances off the slightly flatter evo, preventing it from getting traction, but at least allowing HFL to angle back into his opponent and push him away.

Aggression: 3-2 Evo
Damage: 3-2 Bone hurting Juice
Control: 3-2 Evo
Your winner, in a judge’s decision that honestly could have been a coin flip, is EVO!

Pizza vs I Can't Believe It's Not Tanto
The match starts, and Pizza tries to spin up, with its back pointed squarely at its opponent. Unfortunately, within seconds, I Can’t Believe It's Not Tanto!™ has already gotten under it. Pizza uses the small amount of energy in the blade to skip slightly to the right before being slammed into the wall at an angle. I Can’t Believe It's Not Tanto!™ pushes Pizza into a wall and pins it there for a few seconds before letting go. Pizza tries to get up to speed, but I Can’t Believe It's Not Tanto!™ comes in and hits it while it spins up. Pizza sends itself about a third of the way across the arena, coming to rest facing Not Tanto’s rear.

Pizza again tries to get up to speed again, with slightly more success. It goes flying up the wedge from the impact, taking a small piece of tread off Not Tanto’s wheel while slipping off the other side. Not Tanto, though slightly hindered by the loss of tread, is able to turn to meet Pizza’s hit with the wedge…

BANG! The two are thrown apart violently as Pizza just catches the side of Not Tanto’s wedge. Pizza comes to rest near the center of the arena. Not Tanto is flipped over with a sizeable gash in the side of its wedge. Not Tanto lurches toward Pizza as Pizza tries to get spun up again, and Pizza lands on the killsaws, the bar angled slightly to the side. Sparks fly for a bit, and Not Tanto comes back in and slams Pizza against the wall, this time keeping Pizza on the wedge. The rest of the fight ends up with Not Tanto pushing Pizza around, and Pizza being unable to spin up fully before each slam. With 30 seconds left, Pizza tries to springboard off the wall, causing the bar to violently flex. After one more push from Not Tanto, the buzzer sounds, and the judges have a rather easy decision to make.

Damage: Pizza 2 3-2
Aggression: I Can’t Believe It's Not Tanto!™ 4-1
Control: I Can’t Believe It's Not Tanto!™ 4-1

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tanto wins via a 10-5 Judges Decision!

Mean Bean Machine vs. Octopus Has No Friends:

All right, in the red square we have Mean Bean Machine, and in the blue square we have Octopus Has No Friends. Man, we’re already starting on a low note with these names, aren’t we?

Anyway, Octopus spins up and lumbers out of its square… holy shit how did you even gear that low? The spiral pattern on the wheels isn’t even doing a Hypnodisc impression! Mean Bean Machine, on the other hand, does, uhh, I guess a Chaos 2 impression or something because it’s around the side, pushing against Octopus’s wheel with its plow raised. Octopus turns around, though, and gets some contact with the back side of its blade, but it isn’t able to really bite in before Mean Bean backs off and goes for its side again. There’s another swing around from Octopus – ooh, and this time it gets a solid hit, bitch-slapping MBM’s arm down into the floor! There’s a notch in the top of the plow now, but MBM’s undeterred and stays on the attack.
Octopus is getting a few decent hits in, but it’s pretty much all MBM in terms of aggression and control here. It can’t really do much to the tall spinner, though: even from the side it’s just such an awkward shape to try to shove around. Octo Expansion gyros a little bit, but it can’t seem to get past the plow of MBM since it keeps getting raised in the air. Noah does pay the price for this when Octo swings around the OTHER way and catches the plow’s edge and punts the bot onto its back, but it’s far too sluggish to be able to exploit the opening. Meanwhile said plow is I think mounted on leaf springs instead of a normal lifting arm, so even when it gets hit it’s working almost the same way Octopus’s enormous wheels do against other spinners. About two minutes in Octopus gets a really good hit on the corner that causes one of the plow mounting arms to come loose, but Eenie Meanie Greenie Beanie is still able to raise it lopsidedly in the air, and continues ramming and shoving Octo around.

And the fight’s over, with MBM only really taking damage to its lifter. The plow’s face is badly scuffed up and has several deep notched in the top in addition to one of the three arms being disconnected. The entrapping shell’s also split in half despite not taking a direct hit. Octopus, on the other hand, has… some wheel tread missing from going over the killsaws. And one of the support arms is bent, but I think it might’ve been like that before the fight started.

Judges’ Decision:

Damage: Mean Bean Machine 2, Octopus Has No Friends 3
Aggression: Mean Bean Machine 4, Octopus Has No Friends 1
Control: Mean Bean Machine 3, Octopus Has No Friends 2

Your winner, by a 9-6 Judges’ Decision, is Mean Bean Machine!

Leviathan vs. Little Labyrinth (SPOOGE vs. I Made This Weird Fucking Shape And Dammit I'mma Use It For Something, I Tell You What)

It's the battle of the unconventional designs as Goatboi and Asterisk!Straddle take on Noisey and Aggressively 2005-Emo Painted Spinner, and the battle starts much as it means to go on: stupidly. While Goat is able to predict Noisey's strategy, prediction doesn't always entail being able to do anything about it, and with the robot having serious issues with traction it's struggling mightily to get anywhere and actually engage with its weapon. Of course, the herky-jerky movements of the thing mean that Little Labyrinth's struggling to engage with it as well, as it keeps hopping and bouncing just out of reach of LL's weapon. Right up until it doesn't. LL is eventually able to corral the flailing overhead spinner and get a thumping good hit onto one of the wheels, and while it doesn't do any actual damage it sends Levi skidding across the arena like a tazed snowboarder. Levi crashes into the wall, and it's just about able to reset before LL comes in again and gives it another tremendous whack across the wheels. This goes on for the rest of the match, broken up only momentarily when Goatboi gets one good weapon to weapon hit and bounces skyward. This is about the only bit of actual damage to happen in the fight. Cease is called and the judges prodded into wakefulness.

Aggression: Little Labyrinth 3 - 2 Leviathan
Damage: Leviathan 3 - 2 Little Labyrinth
Control: Little Labyrinth 5 - 0 Leviathan

Your winner, by 10-5 decision, is Little Labyrinth!

Spinnerfood vs. Post Traumatic Stress:

Oh boy, another HUGE Clone. Only this time, with… vertical flails. Great. Although, it’s fighting a cage spinner, Post Traumatic Stress, which could be vulnerable to overhead attacks… if Spinnerfood ever actually attacks it. So far, it’s running away… running… running…

Okay, for those of you watching on YouTube instead of the live stream, you can skip the first minute of this match, up to where Spinnerfood messes up and gets caught. Spinnerfood lost at least one flail in the exchange, and more importantly its left wheel and axle pulled completely out of its chassis from the sideways impact. Sigh… friends don’t let friends use setscrews in robotic combat.

This of course leaves Spinnerfood stuck on one wheel, and said wheel flexes so much under the robot’s weight that it’s basically parallel with the ground, and not moving it effectively. The weapon’s also now disabled because of the arena floor getting a little too intimate with it, aand… now the entire bot’s disabled after PTS gets a hit of the chassis.

Your winner, by knockout in 1:59 (and about two seconds of actual fighting) is Post Traumatic Stress!

OTSC vs RipTide

So Riptide comes into this fight sporting its "longboard" wedges, which YSM wasn't quite expecting, but it doesn't seem to have changed their strategy as they rocket out of the starting square as the fight begins. Monsterworks is prepared for an attempt at angling in, but said attempt never comes as OTSC charges straight at Riptide. The middle of the forked wedge does go between the longboards of Riptide, but said longboards easily slide under the gaps in the brick's wedgelets and feed said middle fork right into Riptide's drum.
The impact throws OTSC back, causing a perfect form double backflip, but the wedge looks fine aside from a few scratch marks from the impact. Riptide is quick on chaining the attacks and once again wedges under the front wedge. However, this time OTSC wisely j-hooks backwards and looks for an opportunity to either wedge under or push.
This opportunity comes quicker than expected, with Riptide gyrodancing juust enough for OTSC to shove its wedge under the front corner of Riptide and start pushing. The side part of Riptide's drum skitters meaninglessly against the wedge, slightly popping Riptide up and making it difficult for both bots to control the push. Riptide does quickly free itself, but in the struggle bots bots end up near the corner. With a cheeky angle and a lucky break, OTSC manages to get under Riptide's long wedges and finally manages to push them into a corner.
After a max length pin, Riptide is finally released and immediately gets their drum pointed at OTSC. This time YSM goes for an angle attempt, but the spacing of their own forked wedge doesn't allow it, and Riptide gets another fling upwards. This time OTSC lands with its flat wedge down. Riptide attempts to follow up on the hit and it met with only a few sparks before YSM's bot escapes and resumes pointing their now flat wedge at the Monsterworks bot.
Surprisingly, OTSC has a better time with the flat edge of the wedge down, now able to angle in and somewhat negate those long forks on Riptide. Of course they don't get under every time, but there are a few occasions where they manage to wedge under and push. Unfortunately Riptide is mostly able to avoid the hazards they're being pushed into with some smart driving, j-hooks and occasionally winning the wedge war and getting hits off on OTSC's wedge that cause nothing but pretty sparks and a brick flying through the air.
Aggression: OTSC 4-1 Riptide
Damage: OTSC 1-4 Riptide
Control: OTSC 3-2 Riptide

OTSC wins by a close 8-7 Judge's decision.


We Ran Out of Sandwiches vs Golden MADD
Both builders are quite confident in their creations in the pre-fight interviews – Wolf so much so that he’s leaving the forks on versus madd’s very powerful shell. There’s some positioning wars to start us off here. Drew seems to want to line up a hit into a wall, but MADD’s been given enough time to get to the center of the arena with some stalling thanks to the strafing drive. Eventually wolf says fuck it and goes in. MADD strafes to the side just the littlest bit, and this actually means he rides up the sides of the rather steep fork in the middle before both bots fly away with a violent BANG, MADD coining wildly, the hit destabilizing it – and oh! Bouncing over onto its back. It self rights quickly, but this leaves it not up to full speed as Sandwiches comes screaming back in, now with its middle fork bent down and to the right, causing it to list to one side. The two bots are still thrown apart from the impact, as they are from the next two as Madd fends off its attacker, but finds itself cornered and chased down at every turn until finally it gets a lucky bounce and is back out the center of the arena without too much coining.

Sandwiches is already in rough shape but there’s nothing to do but press on, and press on he does. He does not, however, get lucky.

Your winner, by KO in 1:46, is GOLDEN MADD!

D-13 vs. Need For Spin:

Aww… come on! Seriously? Why the hell isn’t this 6-1/2 D2s fighting as a clusterbot? What a ripoff! Yeah, I know they’d only be like 20 lb and there isn’t enough room on the driver’s platform, but the things don’t have weapons, you could totally just drive one with each ha – oh, we’re fighting?

Okay, D-13 is, disappointingly, an undercutting disc spinner, which… veers dangerously near the killsaws as it moves out of its square. They seem to be having a little trouble with the torque of that weapon system. Need for Spin’s a melty brain, which does what D-13 almost did to itself by accident, but on purpose. Both bots are up to speed, and NFS drifts menacingly across the box while, D-13 feels a need for speed and just rams straight into it. That’s a big hit, and D-13 goes sailing across the arena while NFS smacks itself into the wall. For those of you who enjoy riding in ambulances and having your stomachs pumped in the ER, here’s a fun drinking game: take a shot every time it does this.
...and we’re seven hits in, and five NFS on wall hits, so the lightweights are probably already starting to lose conciousness… except the two in the arena, which are still going strong! Also D-13’s hit the wall twice, which is kind of impressive considering it’s the one with an actual normal drivetrain. Ouch, and that’s another big hit! D-13 goes flying a way and gets a third wall impact, going up on its side and bouncing around a little. There we go, it’s back on its wheels, and spinning up again, but twirls itself around, and… oh, no, it looks like it is actually moving in circles. That’s still enough to keep up with NFS actually, though, and there’s several more big hits exchanged before it messes up the timing of crabbing around the arena. There’s a very glancing hit of disc-to-melty tooth on the side of the bot, and the rebound gets D-13’s other wheel clipped. It remains attached, but the shaft is severely bent, and now that wheel’s not moving at all. D-13 is still slowly drifting in circles, but only from the weapon torque.

Your winner, by knockout in 2:15, is Need For Spin!


Killjoy vs Dragonfist.
The crusher rushes, the spinner spins up, there’s a big hit, the spinner goes flying, the crusher’s wedge looks spotless, but he has yet to corner his prey. The crusher rushes again, the spinner tries to juke but fails miserably because it has 1 fucking traction, the crusher takes another hit head-on. A few more hits, and he finally has the spinner cornered.

It is now that we should be aware of something that appears to be leaking out of Killjoy. I’m guessing it’s hydraulic fluid, given the fact that that crusher is not moving whatsoever despite having dragonfist perfectly well pinned. It goes further downhill from here – Killjoy keeps it competitive for a while, but that shock damage really adds up, and eventually the drive starts smoking and cuts from the stress of the continuous massive hits from Dragonfist.

Your winner, by KO in 1:22, is DRAGONFIST!

Immolator vs The Fast and Grabber

Both bots start moving in the fight. Immolator is going with their fork config. Anyway, The Fast and Grabber trying to get around Immolator with it's speed. But Immolator is going with 2/3 of it's weapon power to increase their mobility by reducing gyro, which shows when they try to keep their front facing at The Fast and Grabber. They are able to consistently face it's opponent, as well as move into dangerous positions for The Fast and Grabber, forcing it to both avoid as well as gun for the side. Despite of that, at one point The Fast and Grabber is able to get under a bit, but Immolator just J-hooks away before The Fast and Grabber can push it to the wall.

Then, Immolator is finally able to get what it wants when The Fast and Grabber overseers just a bit despite of it's control. Sensing an opening, Immolator angles in on the narrow wedge with it's hinged forks and get the bite as it increases the weapon to full speed, blasting the whole wedge clean off. The shock of the hit and the fall also seems to fracture the whole bot, as it falls off into several pieces and the internals get splayed about. Immolator then goes to celebrate it's victory.

Winner: Immolator by KO (1:14)

GBJ 2 vs Poised and Narrow

This match is a bit of a mismatch for Poised and Narrow. GBJ is fairly consistantly able to bully PaN around using its speed, mechanum wheels and perfect control. The drum grinds away at GBJ's dustpan but gets nothing done but throwing sparks. About 2 minutes into the match PaN gets a miracle shot that flips GBJ upside down, but all that does is change the match from the GBJ pushing show to the Poised and Narrow ramp stunts show. Sorry bud, thats my trick. I'm gonna need 50% royalties from this fight.

Aggression: GBJ 3-2 Poised and Narrow
Damage: GBJ 2-3 Poised and Narrow
Control: GBJ 5-0Poised and Narrow

GBJ 2 wins by a 10-5 Judge's Decision

Jackal vs. Convict:

Convict’s spinning up, Jackal’s coming straight in looking to stuff it before it gets the chance – oh, but jukes off to the side. The forks slip under Convict’s wedgelets a little but Convict’s no slouch in the drivetrain department and backs away. Jackal pursues – oh, and gets under at an angle again, pushing Convict back and spinning it around, which nearly flips it over! And that could be bad news, because I’m not too sure about Convict’s self-righting ability. But Convict finally gets its wedge lined up, and while Jackal’s forks get under the middle pair of wedgelets again, the disc still slams into Jackal’s top jaw HARD. The bots go flying apart, Jackal actually pitching forward and almost onto its face due to the wedges… bouncing off each other somehow? There’s a good-sized chunk taken out of the upper jaw and it looks like it’s been bent upwards a little.

Jackal continues putting the pressure on Convict, and – okay, the weapon is working it’s just that Jackal’s having a lot of trouble trying to find a place to put the hammer that won’t get it hit – and speaking of hit, this time Convict’s wedgelets prevail and Jackal goes sailing through the air. Ooh, and there’s another big hit, but Jackal retaliates by taking Convict over the killsaws, but isn’t able to hold it there for very long. It looks like Convict might have a torn-up tire, but it’s still mobile – oof, and Jackal gets sent flying again, and lands inverted. It immediately self-rights, but that’s not the fastest “hammer” out there, and Convict’s quick enough to smack it again in the side as it comes down. Jackal’s sent tumbling across the box, but the armor’s held up beautifully to that attack – there’s just a little divot in the bottom edge of the side panel.
This fight’s very close so far, Jackal doing plenty of pushing, but it just can’t seem to get an opening to get that clamp into play. Convict is gyro-ing a LOT, and Jackal isn’t settling for head-on interactions, which renders Convict’s wedgelets a lot less effective than they’d otherwise be. After taking the tip of one of Jackal’s forks it’s starts doing better, though, and is able to give the “axebot” a good duffing up and has the upper hand for much of the second and third minutes. But it weathers the assault and really has only taken minor damage – a bit of bending, honestly most of the top of the head removed at this point, and some gouges and dings out of the plow. Meanwhile Convict’s lost most of its back right tire, and one weapon belt comes off partway through, leaving the weapon not spinning up as effectively. A few wisps of smoke suggest the other belt could go if pushed too hard, but it makes it the full three minutes. This one is going to be close!

Judges’ Decision:

Damage: Jackal 2, Convict 3
Aggression: Jackal 3, Convict 2
Control: Jackal 2, Convict 3
Your winner, by an 8-7 Split Decision, is Convict!


Hellhound vs Avast!

The fight first starts with Hellhound zipping around offset, while Avast! crawls into the wall, though it's still pretty fast for a walker. Hellhound then hooks in at Avast!, which tries to fire it's hammer, but misses. This also lifts Avast!'s whole body, allowing Hellhound to escape to prepare for another trick. This time, it goes straight, before circling around Avast!, which is unable to keep up with Hellhound. Then Hellhound tries to bait Avast! again by going straight, before reversing as it is about to enter the hammer range. This time, Avast! grazes the limit between hammer blocker and the wedge, but it doesn't cause serious damage fortunately.

However, this tactic works as the driver of Avast! gets wary. Immediately, Hellhound charges straight at it, and Avast! gets wedged as the driver frantically tries to fire the hammer and was too late. The hammer instead hits nothing and just allow Hellhound to get more purchase. Hellhound then tries to ram Avast! into the wall, while Avast! desperately keeps flopping around to free itself, but Hellhound doesn't allow it of course. It soon gets a hard wall ram, which inverts Avast! Before Avast! can self right, Hellhound goes at pushing it, and first throws it into a wall as it flops around, bending the side of the chassis. It then rams it again, this time hitting the bottom against the wall.

This seems to damage the legs, though the driver can't notice it as Avast! is still inverted. Of course, Hellhound then takes it to the saws while Avast! is upside down, which causes one of the killsaws to somehow hit all the way into the center of Avast!'s hammer, cutting the sensitive mechanism for it. Hellhound then uses a final ram to prop Avast! back, bending another side of the chassis. As Avast! tries to walk, the driver finally notices that it's unbearably slow, and not enough for it to not be counted out. Despite of this, the fight ends before the countout is over.
Judge's Decision
Damage: 4-1 Hellhound
Control: 5-0 Hellhound
Agression: 4-1 Hellhound
Winner: Hellhound by 13-2 JD.

Taskmaster V3 vs. Night Slasher:

Huh, that’s weird. According to the Tale of the Tape Taskmaster is a tracked robot, but that is really, really obviously six wheels. They even have the Harborfreight logos on the red tires. Anyway, it’s fighting Night Slasher, a sawbot from Team Ignition which has surprisingly NOT gone for the typical “14 year old’s goth OC” color scheme, by which I mean it’s black and gold instead of black and red.

Anyway, despite what I said, Night Slasher does its best to teleport behind Trackmaster as soon as the fight starts, but the ultra-wide wheelbase is making it a bit twitchy with turning inputs and it doesn’t quite pull the move off. Taskmaster almost gets under, but Night Slasher drops back a little bit and scoots forward again, and slips underneath! It immediately drops the saw, and Stairmaster’s bleeding chunks of red foam rubber on the arena floor! But it’s able to get away with the tire mostly intact. It darts off, then charges into NS, hitting one of the side forks and spinning it around with the force of the collision.
Wedge Fight? Wedge Fight. Okay, it looks like Night Slasher’s able to slip between The Abmaster’s little wedge teeth with its forks most of the time, but both bots are having a lot of trouble getting sustained pins in. Night Slasher’s getting a monopoly on damage apart from one trip over the killsaws that looks like it tore up one of its rear forks a bit. But, y’know, congratulations on being the richest guy sleeping under the bridge. Speaking of sleeping under bridges, my commentary’s probably getting this event’s YouTube stream demonetized, and I can see spectators leaving… wait, wait, Night Slasher’s got a pin! Come back! There’s sparks! There’s metallic carnage! There’s… the ref telling Night Slasher to knock it off because it’s been fifteen seconds. Okay, there’s definitely a cut in Trashmaster’s top armor, but it doesn’t seem to have affected it all. And Night Slasher wheelies, and gets wedged and shoved into the wall for it! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the carnage! Oh… okay, fine, but be back in like fifteen minutes, Chronic Jobber’s in the arena entry queue.

Night Slasher gets another pin near the end and this time gives up on trying to get through Taskmaster’s armor and just goes straight for the tires, sending chunks of rubber everywhere and pretty much destroying one of them. One down, five to go, aaand there’s the bell!

All right, time for an audience poll while we wait for the JD: should we send the cleanup crew in with brooms to sweep up this foam, or just let Pat test his hovercraft shell spinner in the main arena?

Judges’ Decision:

Damage: Night Slasher 3, Taskmaster 2
Aggression: Night Slasher 3, Taskmaster 2
Control: Night Slasher 4, Taskmaster 1

Your winner, by a 10-5 Judges’ Decision, is Night Slasher!
Team Ignition
Redline: Robot Bastards 1 LW champ
Pyrite: FRR Backlash LW champ
The Debilitator: Cherry Bomb Classic 1 LW champ
Sling Shot: Bot O' Rama 2016 Sportsman champ
Doomerang: Robot Fight Night HW champ

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