1b) Hellhound vs (2b) Death Metal: ROBOTS 3 HW Final

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1b) Hellhound vs (2b) Death Metal: ROBOTS 3 HW Final

Post by Shaba117 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:53 pm

HellhoundDeath Metal
Speed: 8 Speed: 4
Traction: 7 Traction: 2
Torque: 4 Torque: 1
Weapon: 0 Weapon: 16
Armour: 11 (+2 plow) Armour: 7
Config: full armor plow Config: N/A
Short and somewhat sweet...but Death Metal is anything but sweet >:)

If HH box-rushes

Spin up and turn parallel-ish to the wall, then at a slight angle. My spinup time is quick and I will attempt to catch a corner right off the bat. Here's the bit in the rules about corner damage:
Hitting a corner will result in the other robot getting spun away, and will do damage as if the weapon to armor disparity were two points larger than flat surface damage.
Now, that's the 3 flat surface damage PLUS 2, which amounts to 5 damage, which is significant

If HH doesn't box-rush

Last time, HH faked a box-rush. I will spin up and advance towards the center of the arena. Remember, our starting squares are in the corners of this arena and it will take longer for HH to traverse that, despite his speed. I will do my 'angle to the side/parallel' strat, but upon first sign of HH slowing down, I will approach him directly. I'm counting on him rushing me again, but that's when I'll just swing back around and 'turn tail'. Once he is just about to catch me, swing around with my weapon's momentum and catch that nice, juicy corner. HH will go spinning away, as will I. I'll reduce the power to the weapon briefly to regain control, then angle away from HH: utilizing sharp turns to throw him off. also, Laz stating that I will take '3-5' seconds to recover...no, it's more like 3 seconds being the norm (Tombstone recovers pretty damn quickly).

Remember, despite -2 control ratio, I'm 2WD and can still turn on a dime (and can easily turn off of HH's plow if he does initially try to scoop me up for a wall slam). HH can't predict which way that I turn *every* time (referencing his 'S-turn when she hooks off the plow'). I will catch him in a non head-on angle and that's another opportunity for a sweet corner shot.

Basically, I'm on a hair trigger, reaction-wise. Get in and do the damage before the last minute of the fight where I could start to suffer some weapon motor fatigue. But, never back down, remain aggressive until that fight clock hits 3:00. Yes, I fully expect that this will go the distance.

With that, I could get winded and go to the 500 word max, but there's no need here.

Best of luck, Laz. Honored to be fighting HH for the HW championship. May it be an epic battle!

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Re: 1b) Hellhound vs (2b) Death Metal: ROBOTS 3 HW Final

Post by Madman » Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:17 pm

Hellhound: 8 speed / 7 traction / 4 torque / 11 armour (+2 plow)


Death Metal: 4 speed / 2 traction / 1 torque / 16 weapon / 7 armour

Well, it's here: Hellhound has finally made it to a major championship final. For all my bluster and bravado, I'm surprised, a bit humbled, and excited. I also think I have a really good shot at winning. Here's why:

1) Hellhound's not your ordinary 6/7 speed 2/3 torque brick. I've got 8 speed and 4 torque for situations like this. Under these rules, I push with 6 speed and she drives with 4. That's huge. No matter what, I'm significantly faster than her, even while pushing. Once I have her on my wedge, it's going to be almost impossible for her to get off (especially with only one wheel at most intermittently on the ground) and, if she does, to get any real separation.

2) In addition to having 13 armour, my plow is basically a hybrid of Stinger TKB's and Rotator's with angled sides and a steeper portion towards the top that's perfect for sending her flying out of control. She has two options at that point: endure a 5-10 second gyrodance that kills her KE and allows me to slam her around at will, or cut her blade's power to get under control faster and give up being able to do any real damage before I use my 8 speed, 4 torque drivetrain to smother her.

My tactics will be exactly what they need to be: aggression, smothering, and slams. Slam her, keep her blade stalled, and keep shoving her along the wall with my bot at about a 45 degree angle to make escape difficult. Adjust that if it isn't working. The overall aim isn't necessarily to milk pins for the full timer unless I've taken a lot of damage and I need to. I prefer to keep this fight mobile and keep her blade constantly skipping off the walls, my wedge, or the floor in that priority order. However, the floor and walls aren't mobile so, if her weapon's more than about halfway through its power curve, always approach with the wedge first and hit her weapon squarely to slow it down or stall it.

Defensively, whenever she's not being smothered and slammed, she'll be desperate to reach around my wedge or grab some kind of cheap corner damage. She's not causing anything significant with 3 flat surface and 3 shock. Look out for her usual bag of tricks: reversing towards me and swinging her weapon around (predictable if she turns with her weapon torque and slow if not, allowing me to react either way), that parallel to the wall thing at the start, stop-start baiting, and pivoting while on my plow (which'll be tough and her weapon won't be at full speed). She's both too slow and and uncontrolled to really catch me completely unaware and reach cleanly all of the way around my plow without hitting it and before I can react and turn defense into offense. Do that: aggressiveness, intelligence, and match control.

GL Danielle. I'm happy to see DM get this far. Win or lose, I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again.
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