(1b) Abyss vs (2b) Visual Assault

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(1b) Abyss vs (2b) Visual Assault

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:45 pm

Abyss: 4/2/1/16/7

VA: Speed: 6 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 5 / Weapon: 5 / Armor: 9 (+2 front) - duckface


he's going to waste space talking about my wedge. it's going under his drums, not his wedgelets, whether or not it touches the ground is not relevant. what is relevant is my 13 armored front, my lack of corners for him to grab on, my longer wedge and my meme-level torque, that lets me recover from hits much quicker than he can, letting me snowball one hit into another until he's pinned, never letting up on the pressure. he also damages his own weapon over time: he can't try to wear me down with shock damage.

General gameplan is aggression: I have a 13 armor front, I can afford to smash it into his weapon. start the match by circling around nearer to the wall though, so we don't engage in prime position for me to get smacked near the short wall if I fuck up. in general try to come in off-center or at a slight angle to avoid the middle fork: he really won't be able to challenge this by angling in himself, both because he doesn't have anything to get under other than that one fork, and because he has a bad control ratio and no speed with an incredibly powerful vertical drum: gyro for days.

once we impact once, just keep forcing my face into his fist: use that torque to my advantage to come back quickly, get him smothered into walls sooner (I push at 6 speed!), and in general win the pin him into a corner war through tenacity instead of pure speed.

once I get him pinned, flip him - in general just keep him flipped every chance I get, and punish his attempts to self-right with gyro or wall slams. I also have much more free reign to ram when he's flipped, since he has no forks and his downwards spinning will launch him in the air - OOTA potential?

never engage with my back near the short wall, and be willing to run away and self right when needed: I have the drivetrain to get space for myself, he doesn't: it is VERY important that I don't let him snowball hits.

if he does that dumbass trick he and his brother do with the exposing his sides, "angle in" by going closer to his rear, and back up with my FIVE TORQUE if his drum gets close to me somewhere I dont want it to be. if he meanders unpredictably, again go for his rear: in general if he does any dumb baiting things take the long road to the part of him that's safest to attack (without letting him get at my side in the process: if he goes for this, back up with my ridiculous torque, watch him sail past my front, and then capitalize on his mistake), and force him to play it straight. then beat him in the head-ons like I did last time. alternatively force a head-on: keep him on his toes.


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Re: (1b) Abyss vs (2b) Visual Assault

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:24 pm

Abyss: 4/2/1/16/7

Visual Assault: 6/5/5/5/9 (+2 plow)

Gabe'll claim this fight's all about his torque and his wedge. He’ll rationalize away his mediocre speed and terrible chassis armour and he’ll dismiss my drivetrain and wedge because he’s a bit faster. This isn't as simple as “almost, Alex, but the brick win an 8-7 decision over the spinner." Here's why:

For starters, even with his torque, his ability to close down the arena's going to be limited because his speed, for a bot that needs to smother, is limited. Chimera could do it. Even a lot of seven-speed bots, but when does this race to the bottom in speed stop? The distance apart that two bots are thrown depends on their weapon power (and, ostensibly, traction). Regardless of either bot's speed, he still has to close the same distance, and he doesn’t have an 8-speed drivetrain to do it with. My drivetrain has a role, though: I can reverse at full speed while spinning up. Then, he’s closing the distance with a grand total of 2 speed. Combined with my width, awkward shape, and ability to hook while wedged, that makes me damned hard to smother.

Defensively, his 7 chassis armour takes 4.5 shock damage/hit. If his goal is to break my fist with his face, that’s going to stack up. He can’t just slam into me with impunity. He also has to be careful with that wedge. He has a very small wedging surface. If it, the plow it's attached to, or the 7 armour arms it's on get bent... corner damage. My forks carry less burden. They exist to force him to come in off-center or risk corner damage. If we're not near a wall, give him free angled contacts and make them as off-center as he'll accept. He has enough speed to angle in on me, but not enough to be picky about the angle if he wants to keep up aggression and smothering.

I have the KO-capable weapon. Unpredictability and chaos are my allies. Create those.

1) Move towards him for a predictable contact, waiting for the inevitable angling. Stop cold and catch him hooking in. Shoot forward. Profit.

2) Watch Minotaur sometime. Gyro lift maneuvers work. If he's coming in far enough off-center, initiate a sudden turn to wheel lift and then cut the drum to drop onto him.

3) If I get flipped, come straight at him. Based on our shapes and reasonable dimensions, I'm tall enough to potentially climb his shallowish wedge, Yeti-style. If not, I self-right.

4) If I'm having trouble buying spin-up time, give him my side. If he goes for anything but that side, fearing shenanigans, he has to steer around me and I'll have time to spin up.

5) Finally, he'll avoid the low wall, but I doubt he's realized that I can OOTA over the high walls with room to spare. Employ that stop-start trick especially when he's between me and a wall.

Overall, use what works and avoid predictable patterns. Discard what doesn't.

Good luck, dude.
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