Hati vs. Visual Assault (ROBOT3 MW SFs)

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Hati vs. Visual Assault (ROBOT3 MW SFs)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:04 pm


Hati: Speed 8 / Traction 7 / Torque 3 / Weapon 0 / Armor 12
Visual Assault: Speed 6 / Traction 5 / Torque 5 / Weapon 5 / Armor 9 (+2 plow)

CONFIGS: I’m using sword config, and leaving the ears OFF so I don’t lose damage 3-2 just because of them falling off. Gabe declared forks config.


Okay he’s got more torque which he’ll probably brag about, but it’s a difference between really really fast acceleration and still pretty damn fast acceleration. Also per the “start at 75% speed” rule I’m still technically quicker off the blocks.

Neither of us can damage each other and neither can easily pin, so aggression will be crucial. Do NOT let up on the pressure. I have more speed and maneuverability, my rotational acceleration is definitely better than his, and I have the wedge advantage. Him pressing puts us about even, but his lifter’s fast enough to be a bit “twitchy” and will make doing it precisely tricky. Mix up between head-on attacks and trying to get one of my forks under the outside edge of his “forktula.”

Exception: if he rears way up like in his last signup image, watch out! He may try to use his chassis as a clamp. If he’s doing this either go for his sides or approach carefully and try to slip my longer forks between his.

If I wedge him: He can’t just monstertruck me that easily because my wheels stick out the top and will hit his lifter and/or chassis, and I outpush him with two wheels off the floor. He can definitely climb off with his lifter, so plan accordingly and try to just keep scooping him up as he does his crazy Breaker Box flips. Time spent climbing free or flipping around is time spent not displaying aggression. Slam him into the wall if I can but never expect a long pin and always be ready to give chase again.

If he wedges me: He can’t high-center me and while he pushes with 5-6 speed that’s still slower than me. Mix up straight back-offs, J-turns, and spins. His lifter can flip me over, which doesn’t harm me at ALL, but it’s fast enough that if I slip off, which I can easily do, he can over-lift and leave himself exposed. Try to counterattack ASAP. The biggest danger is if he manages to brace my forks against his top “horns” and then lifts, but both his horns and my forks are really narrow and probably not the same distance apart. Lining one up will be tricky, both probably impossible. If they look lined up, spin around. Worst-case his lifter’s speed will make “clamping” like that without knocking me free very difficult.

Basically neither bot can damage the other and we’re both really “slippery” so can’t do that much in “advantage,” so staying aggressive and winning “neutral” more consistently will be critical, and I have the tools to do that better than he can.


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Re: Hati vs. Visual Assault (ROBOT3 MW SFs)

Post by The_Angry_Goat » Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:42 pm

HATI: Speed: 8 / Traction: 7 / Torque: 3 / Weapon: 0 / Armor: 12

VA: Speed: 6 / Traction: 5 / Torque: 5 / Weapon: 5 / Armor: 9 (+2 front) - USING FORKS


he doesn't have enough drivetrain to flank me consistently, and our wedges are about equal if I press. we push at the same speed (5.5 for both), so if we lock wedges, it's a stalemate. obvious torque advantage, even control. armor is inconsequential in this fight, he has points wasted in it.

Hati has no way of keeping opponents on its wedge, except for possibly its wheels: but if my lifter is pressing directly into his wheels, I don't quite see how he plans on moving. he's also relying on two thin points, while I have a flat wedge with a bunch of divets in it: I can still angle in, both to the outsides of his wedges, and between the forks.

this is what i will be basing my strategy around - exploiting the deep gap between his forks - angle in on it, get under, and lift immediately: keep him off the ground and unable to do much of anything with my very fast lifter - pin him when I can, but mostly just get those lifts in - neither of us are going to have much success in actually keeping each other controlled for any length of time, so I really need to emphasize my active weapon advantage. I'll also try angling in to the outside of his wedges to avoid being predictable.

btw I'm pretty sure he's fully invertable so just keep flipping. if he isn't, obviously keep him upside down and go to town :P

if he gets under, monster truck him while flipping the lifter around to the back of my robot - my forks are fully invertable, and work just as well backwards. and since my lifter is so fast, I'll be able to move it to the rear quickly, full reverse with my ridiculous torque, and try and wedge directly underneath his tires. the first time, see if I can actually just push him about since I'll be under a wheel - if this proves untenable, just go for more attempted flips of him: I might not have stabilization forks on that side, but I'm still pretty stable so it might work.

once I've established a pattern of doing that, really start mixing it up: sometimes j-hook off when he gets under - I can also start pressing occasionally if my angling in really isn't getting me results.

be on the watch for him to angle in: if he telegraphs it too hard, I can hard reverse (with my ridiculous torque advantage), then dart in under his side when he overextends into nothing. I expect he'll be ready for this trick, so don't do it the first time: make him think he caught me by surprise, then just...drive over him since he has nothing to keep me on him :V

neither of us is easy to control. I have an active weapon, I have multiple contingencies, and I work upside down, forewards and backwards. he's a speed bump.


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