Idiot Triangle vs. Black Dog (ROBOT3 FW SFs)

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Idiot Triangle vs. Black Dog (ROBOT3 FW SFs)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:01 pm


Idiot Triangle: Speed 16 (2 effective) / 1 Traction (+5 spinup bonus) / 1 torque / 2 weapon (16 effective) / 8 armor (+2 teeth)

Black Dog: Speed 6 / Traction 4 / Torque 1 / Weapon 14 / Armor 5 (+1 drum)

Configs: No.

Spin up clockwise, immediately back into the wall to bounce out of the corner. I’m expecting a box rush and while I spin up in <2 seconds and I don’t think he can get to me that fast I don’t want to get penned in the corner. Get away from the walls.

Once away from the walls however, stay relatively still apart from moving towards BD. I want to bait him into charging me. Why? Bite. Normally drums need to try to get as much as possible, but I can give him too much for his own good. Because my teeth will often be at the wrong angle to get hit when his sweep through and his weapon’s much higher rpm, his bite depth could end up being multiplied several times. At low closing speeds this could let him catch the top edge of my teeth and get a meatier uppercut than he could against a stationary target. But his teeth are just a fraction of an inch high. At high closing speeds the relevant factor becomes MY bite depth, which can be way more than his tooth height. I can easily hit his drum body, meanwhile thanks to my triangular shape and tooth design he’s gotta get 4.5+” inside my swept radius to touch anything but my teeth, and he’s got like 0.01 s to do so so I don’t think it’s even physically possible.

Anyway: every hit’s 6-point probably-corner-damage to his drum and 5-point shock damage to him, way less than that to me. He NEEDS to destabilize me, stop me spinning, or hit my underside to do so, and he has to do so quickly, so I want to make sure I’m getting big horizontal hits that throw both bots across the arena instead of letting him pop me up and be in any kind of good position for a followup.

Avoid playing strafing games. (a) he’ll expect them, (b) doing it will make him more likely to approach cautiously. If he’s hanging back do a really half-assed circlestrafe; it won’t get to his sides, but it’ll still force him to turn, and if he gyros at all his backward-moving wheel will be the one on the ground and he’ll move back, so he has to commit more to make contact at all.

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Re: Idiot Triangle vs. Black Dog (ROBOT3 FW SFs)

Post by Madman » Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:42 pm

Black Dog: 6/5/1/14/5 (+1 drum) ||| Idiot Triangle: 16/1/1/2/8 (+2 teeth)

Ya, so I ran into my supposedly hard counter and, if I piss out a creative RP, people will be like, “oh, that was a really cool idea Laz had. I like it, but IT wins this lul.” So I wanna change that narrative. Let’s roll the dice a little. Black Dog is known for being fast. IT is slow as fuck. If he has any worry at all, it’s gonna be getting corralled into a corner. Some HFL genius/hairbrained scheme could be coming, so let’s see if it is.

Start by doing the predictable thing and rushing, but slam on the brakes 2/3 of the way there and see what happens. If he yeets himself out, Madscience style, turn and chase him down with all I’ve got. Smack him if he’s not at full power. Back off if he is. I want to try corralling him towards a wall anyways. Let him worry about being OOTAed. That’s one more thing he has to consider. I need one good hit when he’s not spinning, and he’s done. 6 corner damage warping his chassis? He’s not spinning after that.

Mostly, I wanna get him close but not obviously close to a wall or corner, pay attention to which way he’s spinning and the angle of impact, and then comes the sacrifice. I don’t want to waste the drum, so no witness me shit just yet. Instead, feed him the front of one of the ablative wheel shields (not too close to the wheel). It doesn’t take much to make a melty pinball, so even tearing off that flimsy, bolted-on piece will send him into the wall. It also won’t do a lot of shock damage (because he's hitting nothing meaty) or kick me that far back and I have a lot more speed than an ordinary spinner. Rush in and maul him before he’s spun up. He has to be translating to move. Stay on him, like a brick, and hit him again, in the body. If the tactic doesn’t work but looks like it could, try it again with the other shield, making the necessary adjustments to make sure that it does. Be wary for counters and sudden ‘rushes’ from him to try to mess up my plans, but I have three times his speed, so just don’t be dumb and do what I need to.

I know people almost always vote against specific plans like this, but it theoretically works, and he’s slow enough that, as long as I’m paying attention, there’s not much that he can do. That’s the drawback of all-weapon-and-nothing-else spinners. Exploit it.

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