Abyss vs Der Adder

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Abyss vs Der Adder

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:59 pm

I’m not going to try to measure dimensions on here, especially with the thumbnail-sized pics that he provided but, suffice to say that we’re both super-wide 2WD drums. The main difference is that he’s a control spinner while Abyss is a power spinner. In terms of ability to damage each other, I obviously have a massive edge. Most important, however, are two things in particular: I do 5.5 SHOCK damage to him on every hit, which is going to take a toll REALLY quickly, and he only does 4 damage to me on a clean hit to the very rounded surface of my chassis. If he goes for my wheels, he can take them out, but his window is very small, and I have those ablative guards there to absorb a couple of hits from him if need be.
As for his wedge choice, the flat edged ones should get outwedged head to head and mangled into his drum. The short skids go even with mine, and the long ones are so spindly (and 5 armour), that they’ll get destroyed if my drum so much as looks at them the wrong way. Wedge-locks are unlikely, since the losing-wedge bot will probably skip upwards and backwards off of the other’s wedges. If it’s him, he’s +4 on a sloped surface braced against the floor. If it’s me, I’m +11 against his crazy spindly wedges. I should be able to warp them, and then he’s going to struggle to wedge me easily after that.
He could risk a head-to-head, relying on his drum’s tough armour, but there’s a good chance that he tries to use his drivetrain edge to angle in on my forks, get me to gyro, and then go for my wheels or chassis. This requires him to execute rapid turns and maneuvers and to try to get around a bot that’s only two points slower. If he gets a stray shot or two, that’s what the shields are for. In order to angle in, though, he has to approach offset or swing outwards first to create an angle. He has to turn in, risking lesser gyro himself as a 2WD vert. The plan is to do a Black Dog. Give myself space, back away at the last second as he turns inward, and then dart in to catch his exposed corner.
I have a bit of room for failure here. My win condition is easier. He doesn’t. He can’t afford a single hit anywhere but the drum and can only take a couple on the drum due to shock. Do as Laz and keep my movements mostly linear while forcing him to turn as much as possible. Anticipate and adjust ahead of time.
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