Nuclear Plague vs <3

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Nuclear Plague vs <3

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:15 pm

Speed: 5
Weapon: 12
Armor: 9 (+2 wedge)
Traction: 3
Torque: 1

Speed: 5
Traction: 3
Torque: 1
Weapon: 11
Armor: 10(+3 plow)

i'm using the vert, he's using his vertical hammer with the anti-hs plow. he does have an anti-vert config, and he didn't declare whether or not he was using it, but i have to assume he'll put it on since i declared my vert.

it doesn't really matter what plow he uses here because my wedge rides the floor past the forks regardless, so if we meet head-on i still have the advantage. we have equal drive stats, but i have the 2wd to his 4, so i should have a slight edge on the maneuverability war. his hammer doesn't really worry me because by the time he's in range to hit something that isn't my wedge or vert i'll already be under him.

he's going to try and strafe to juke me out, so my plan is to be conservative at the start, keep my front pointed at him and wait for him to approach me. once i see my opening, go all in. try and take out one of his wheels early so his movement is compromised, but if that can't be done i'll settle for an early juggle. if there's a stalemate in the wedging, back off and try to j-hook in so i'm not attacking head-on, i don't want to eat that hammer shot. if he is able to jhook away early, watch which way he does it, then attempt to chase down that exact pattern the next time it happens. try to anticipate his mixups and think about where he wants to move. if the j-hook war continues, try to maneuver him near a wall and reduce his escape options so he's easier to chase down.

once i land the early hit, keep up the pressure and don't let him get back on his feet. land hit after hit until i can no longer extend, then back off and go back to playing conservatively, unless something on <3 stops working. if his weapon or drive no longer function properly then it's open season.

try to shake off any stray hammer hits if they happen. his hammer likely won't really penetrate my armor due to its design, but 11 weapon still hurts and i can't take too many of them myself. never get hit in the same way more than once.

good luck maxi and may the better bot win.
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