(2a) NKC vs (3b) Whirlpool

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(2a) NKC vs (3b) Whirlpool

Post by attackfrog » Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:02 pm

NKC: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8985#p71367
Whirlpool: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8985#p71352

I'm starting with Whirlpool inverted. This will mean I'll be able to hit the bottom of NKC's wedge with the low-angled part of my spinner, the middle of it with the side, and the top of the wedge with the sticking-into-the-air back part of the spinner. I can potentially reach over the top and hit that saw if NKC pushes far enough in. It'll also make Whirlpool harder to smother.

My end game is to get around NKC's wedge and deal a death blow, but that will take some luck. Until I get that lucky opportunity, I'll just need to fend off NKC's attacks and damage its plow. It's got a slightly better wedge, but my wedgelets won't be far behind in getting underneath. And when they do and NKC slides up them, the front edge of its wedge will smack right into my spinning weapon for some solid edge damage which will distort it and make it so it's not ground scraping any more. It'll be easier and easier as time goes on for me to get underneath NKC this way.

Of course, it is a little faster, and I need to keep it from getting at my non-spinner side. I'll have to drive somewhat defensively to do that, but due to Whirlpool's wheel layout I'll turn faster than the average offset HS, so it'll be harder than Badnik might think. But if I can't lead with my wedge and NKC gets under Whirlpool somewhere, I'll swing the weapon around into NKC and get some damage in as I knock us apart again.

I'll either wear NKC down and win on damage or eventually get a good hit in on its non-plow area to do some serious damage and at least slow NKC down.

GL again, Dylan!

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Re: (2a) NKC vs (3b) Whirlpool

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:26 pm

i can anticipate whirlpool starting inverted here, since that makes it harder for me to aim at its chassis and also lets it strike my wedge more easily. whirlpool is very cleverly set up for a horizontal spinner, but it still only has 4 speed to my 7 and worse control stats all around. there should be no excuse for him getting his wedgelets past my plow, and with the drivetrain advantage here i can drive cautiously enough to ensure that never happens. i never want to attack in a way that would allow him to sweep in at an angle and wedge me. that simply will not happen.

come out at angle, scoop him up and see what happens. if he ricochets off, follow him, chase him down and wear down his momentum until i can get a good purchase. if he gets scooped up all nice-like, then wall him immediately and try to aim the saw at a vulnerable location. if he's able to reverse off, anticipate which way he'll try to move (his robot's weight is concentrated on one side of the bot, so i can assume that even if he tries to reverse properly it'll pull to that side quite a bit) and keep chase. one good saw hit may be enough to end the fight, but i don't want to risk feeding my saw to that weapon. just keep biding my time, putting the pressure on and trying to aim the saw properly so i can get that bite.

if he willingly exposes his backside to me, don't fall for it. i'm not going to get tombstone juked like lockjaw did. if it's too good to be true it almost definitely is. never let him see my sides or rear end.

keep being aggressive and holding my aim steady until i can find my opening to let the sparks fly.

good luck jack and may the better bot win.
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