HardWired III vs Black Dog

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HardWired III vs Black Dog

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:55 pm

HardWired III Speed: 5 Traction: 5 Torque: 1 Weapon: 12 Armour: 7 (+2 Wedge)
Black Dog: 6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)

Using the Wedgelet aka the “Letty” attachment

As soon as the match starts I’ll spin up, I have less weapon weight by far because he’s just a massive wide fucking drum and I’m a Drisc. Head for him dead on, dead straight, head to head. I thought about my attachments tactically in this one, my Wedgelets slot in the middle of his two drum sections almost perfectly, rather than going wedgelet to wedgelet. His teeth are decently high off the ground too so he’ll be lifted up and fed to my Drisc weapon perfectly. I don’t have weedy, thin, Wedgelets that will get buckled easily, I have some thick fuckers that have a +2 added on. The best part is, when I go under him, dead ahead I’ll be hitting his wedgelet first, not going weapon to weapon. What does this mean? He gets his 4 armour wedgelet buckled up, rendering it useless and preventing any major hits from his drum as it sticks up and blocks me hitting it. Not only this but it means his 4 armour rear end is right in front of me, that I can shred through like paper for a one hit KO. He can’t really flank me properly, even with the speed advantage. His traction is poor whilst mine is perfect. The big wheels on HardWired mean that even if it gyros whilst turning, it can turn excellently plus, his harder hitting weapon with more power and weight behind it will gyro more. Always face him, if he tries any aerial, gyro-ey attacks to get to my lid then I can easily just tear up his underbelly with my decently high weapon.
Best of luck Laz.

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Re: HardWired III vs Black Dog

Post by Madman » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:58 pm

Black Dog: 6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)

Hardwired III: 5/5/1/12/7 (+2 wedge)

I have the edge in speed and in the amount of damage we'll do to each other (3 to his weapon, 5 to wedge, and 9 to body). He has the edge in control, which I know he'll try to make a point of. It's wedge that's interesting. My wedge is about as good as a wedge gets on ARC and wedges are crucial in a vert matchup. There's a slight chance that he goes with Beaky, so counter that by creating the slightest angle before we hit and laughing all the way to the bank. But if he's smart, he'll go with the other one, to try slipping right between my forks in a clean h2h. That's what I'd do.

He'll probably play this straight, confident in his wedge and control, so I'm going to pull the Black Dog special. Come out from my corner and line up sideways, perpendicular to him. There are a few approaches he could take: Most likely, he'll gun straight forward for the free shot at my side. In that case, reverse just before he reaches me, making use of my speed and the time it'll take for him to react to charge back in and catch him while he's not h2h. He's either going to overshoot or try to pull a sudden turn. His control ratio's perfect, but his reflexes aren't, and a 2WD vert is still gonna gyro lift if it has to pull a rapid turn like that. I can punish him HARD, and I have the speed to chain him and finish him. If he starts angling out to hook around my back, adjust to keep him at a disadvantageous angle well before he arrives. If he starts trying to turn in for my front, intent on a weapon to weapon, use my speed again to dart in and catch him mid-turn, digging under his wedges, mangling them, and chaining him for the finish.

No matter what, If I'm hitting his wedgelets, I'm either tearing them straight off or warping them severely. Even if I hit them from above, I'm bending them downwards, and probably not uniformly. If he's using one wedgelet, then there's a good chance I warp it into his weapon. If he's using two, messing one up will unbalance him, making his other one dubiously effective and negating his most likely tactic. As a general rule, pursue the upper hand relentlessly when I have it, and control when and where we hit. Threaten the OOTA when I can. Most importantly, though, maneuver as I outlined above: set things up to keep him turning and create angled contacts as much as possible while not having to make a lot of drastic turns myself. Stay linear and make small or anticipatory adjustments ahead of time and let him waste his time turning, reacting, and gyro lifting. Then, pounce like Black Dog does best and murder him to pieces.

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