(1b) Hellhound vs (4a) Saturnian Wristwatch

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(1b) Hellhound vs (4a) Saturnian Wristwatch

Post by Cha0sFerret » Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:36 pm

Speed: 8
Traction: 7
Torque: 4
Weapon: 0
Armor: 11 (+2 plow)

Saturnian Wristwatch:
Speed: 4
Traction: 3
Torque: 1
Weapon: 15
Armor: 7

The top of his plow is steeper than the rest and I have a silly plan to keep him from pushing me around too much, so I think what I'll do is I'll start inverted to make myself harder for him to control. This might seem weird but hear me out.

First, we start by spinning up and getting the hell out of that corner, then hang around near him. Now: since he's faster and takes no damage from flat surface hits on his plow, his plan will probably be to simply box rush and ram. Alright, cool, so now what? Well, my bot's a circle. And circles can spin. So whenever he gets under me, I turn in place and push one wheel against his plow, moving myself along his front toward the side of his plow, guiding my weapon directly toward its edge. So then, you may ask, why be inverted? To make it less likely that I accidentally hit him too early while doing this and send myself flying. The goal? Corner damage. 2 points of corner damage is equivalent to 4 flat, which is enough damage that repeated hits will be a concern to him. This works enough times and I'll be tearing chunks out of that plow, slowly exposing the juicy, almost-OHKO-able 9 armor chassis underneath. Oh yes.

If he camps, drive at him. Avoid the walls as much as possible. If flipped, keep doing what I was doing. If he flips over somehow, turn up the aggression.


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Re: (1b) Hellhound vs (4a) Saturnian Wristwatch

Post by Madman » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:11 pm

Hellhound: 8/7/4/0/11 (+2 plow)

Saturnian Wristwatch: 4/3/1/15/7

This is Brad, so we all know that he'll have some clever strategy to get around my plow. It'll probably involve some combo of these three things:
1) strafing shenanigans, right before impact and while he's being wedged.
2) the fact that he can't be reliably high-centered and will try to drive while wedged.
3) trying to hit my plow in an unexpected way to flip it back, maybe by going inverted or through some sort of ricochet.

No matter what, be wary of these three things and be ready to use my godlike reflexes and really fast drivetrain to counter them if I see them. Just... be smart. That aside, my plan basically consists of smashing him in the teeth regularly, constantly, and aggressively. Under the ROBOTS rules, I push with 6 speed. He drives with 4. Even with wheels on the ground and strafiness, he's not j-hooking or slipping off the side of my wedge unless I'm dumb enough to not see what's going on and let him. Keeping my plow in his face is also crucial because his weapon will be skipping off of it and losing kinetic energy. Even if he pulls off some god-tier maneuver and scores a body shot, it probably don't be at full power. All in, smothering and wall slams relentlessly. Keep him near the walls so he won't get a lot of power in his weapon even if he pulls off some ricochet thing. If my plow gets flipped around, feed it gently into his blade at an angle to flip it back over, but be careful that he doesn't dart forward to chew up my wheels.

AGGRESSION is the order of the day. I'd like to say more, but there's not much more to say.

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