Defenestrator vs. Apocalyptic Peacekeeper (ROBOT3 HW Week 4)

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Defenestrator vs. Apocalyptic Peacekeeper (ROBOT3 HW Week 4)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:22 pm


Defenestrator: 7/6/2/4/11 (+1 pontoons and lifter forks)
Apocalyptic Peacekeeper: 7/6/2/5 (3 lifter / 3 clamp / 3 sliding outrigger forks) / 9 (+2 front wedge)

CONFIGS: Using the wedgelets. Assuming W0lf’s actually using his clamp because I’m not a spinner.


He’s likely to try to get under my side pontoons, but try to keep interactions head-on. We’ve got equal drivetrains so I should be able to be pretty aggressive without getting flanked.

His forks are far apart and have cross-bars between them up near the front. It will be REALLY easy to slide my forks between his forks and under the cross-bars, and they’re perfect for me to hook with the claw. Grab him by the weapon and lift. With him having a big vertical reach too he can probably avoid getting suplexed by extending his own lifter, but I think I can get his front wheels into the air at a minimum and my range of motion lets me drag him closer in to me. If he extends his reaction forks to try to outreach me he’ll have to raise his lifter out of the way, so still try to grab onto that. Also his red forks are presumably static so they’ll ride up my wedgelets if they meet.

If he gets a grab, he has the height to make an OOTA possible in theory but gravity’s working against him since his dustpan will be tilted back. He’ll also be holding my weight way up in the air. If my arm can move freely move it back and forth and see if I can either free myself or overbalance him. And if he’s clamped onto my arm, then I can raise it in the air to keep him from picking me up just like he can.

If I get a grab, get a grip on his chassis any way I can – forcing him into a corner and slamming him into the wall at an angle that will spin him around could work. If I can get a solid grip on his chassis I can very easily end the match by reversing to the low wall and suplexing. When my lifter’s at the top of its range it holds him completely above the low wall, slightly inverted, so he’ll fall TOWARDS the wall as my jaw opens. I also don’t have forks potentially getting in the way of the final charge since I’m going backwards. If I can’t get a setup for the OOTA, then wall-slam, spinning-fling, ground-slam, and do other normal clampbot things.

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Re: Defenestrator vs. Apocalyptic Peacekeeper (ROBOT3 HW Week 4)

Post by Wolf51-50 » Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:59 pm


He's probably gonna go in between my forks obviously. So let's combat that with a good ol angle in at the last second. Whenever I'm under him, clamp immediately and try adjusting as he tries to escape. Try to make it a tall drop if he does escape and maybe get him stuck on my support forks Always go for the OOTA. He may attempt to do the same to me, but I have gigantic wheels to drive away with, a long body that's hard to lift, let alone suplex, and a much taller weapon that reaches higher than his. If he lifts, counter by lifting back so we're at a stalemate. He's much easier to lift with his compact body, so use that to my advantage. Also try using my clamps to hook with his. It's all about taking the advantage and turning it into a stalemate when I don't have the advantage. Put away my support forks if he has a chance of getting under. Try to do some fakeouts as I angle in so he'll be a bit jumpy as I constantly try to get underneath. Take advantage if he's flipped and do my best to use my weapons to stay in the arena if I'm in a bad position.

Good luck

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