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The Monsterworks
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Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Jul 13, 2019 9:09 pm

MADSCIENCE: 16/1+5/1/2(1/1/1)/10(+2 teeth)


Y.V.: 8/7/3/2/10 (+3 plow)

Y.V.'s plow is under 1/3 in the same way that America isn't really a corporate oligarchy. It's really not even close. Anyways, if we take it at face value, then he's still taking 4.5 shock damage on every hit with such a large bonus in addition to 3 direct damage to the plow. His mecanums are an advantage against other control bots, but a huge liability in a fight like this, where they, combined with his 3WD, will give him a lot less knockback resistance. He's not going to recover quickly and be able to immediately resume the offensive after blows. Add my very fast spin-up time into the mix, and he's really going to struggle to smother me effectively. His 2 power lifter is also a very lackluster weapon, and he'll be very prone to square-waving in a weird, diagonal, kiwi 3WD way. He basically has to wall me.

The strategy here isn't glamorous. It basically amounts to: "use the +5 melty spin-up buff for its intended purpose". Keep spinning and keep hitting him, denying him real match control and stacking up damage over the fight, especially shock damage to his sensitive drivetrain and lightweight chassis. The tornado of fire surrounding me should also help obscure his view of just how and where he's hitting me and where I'm stacking up damage on him. I'm crazy slow, but try to focus on a specific area if I can. For when he does catch me and potentially start to smother or high-center me, I have that punching bar that I spent a weapon point on to jar me free, so he can't just count on having a free and easy push. If I clearly don't have time to spin up at any point and I'm facing a non-stupid direction, try to just jet away with all the speed and none of the control to buy myself space to spin up. If it doesn't work, don't do it again. Rely solely on the punching bar. It's also good if he tries to stack me against the wall.

Overall, go full aggression when I'm spun up, and buy myself time (I won't need much with such a quick spin-up) whenever I'm not. Keep it simple and deny him the smothering that he needs to win. Hopefully mess up his drivetrain, screw up his weapon, and get the KO. If not, dominate damage, and make control and aggression close enough that I can take a decision.

Good luck!
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Post by V900 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:39 pm

anti-spinner plow

Start the match by fucking slamming that accelerate analog forward and meeting him head-on. I have 800% the translational speed he does, it should be VERY easy for me to box rush him. This goes one of two ways:

* He gets upended and I take control.

Resume taking control, lol. Push him around, go for wall-pins and ten second smothers to minimize the number of hits I take. Pin, drive back and forth 5 feet, pin, you get the picture. His long shape means he has to drive out forward from the wall before he can start spinning again, this fact alone should make things much easier.

* He escapes and spins up to speed.

Rotate myself 30-60 degrees and then omniwheel-sidewind into him. Basically, I want his teeth to hit the front wedge of my plow. This'll send him into the air, have him land on the ground at literally any nonzero angle, then cause him to lose momentum. Rush in for another slam if he's unable to spin up in time. Otherwise, try again.

4 shock damage means my lifter will be pretty beat up in the worst case scenario, but it's still not tapping into the 5 shock damage threshold most writers use for when shit really starts to look grim.


Try to OOTA if I can, but don't count on it.

gl hf

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