Black Dog vs Terrible Toad Twins

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Black Dog vs Terrible Toad Twins

Post by Madman » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:12 pm

Black Dog: 6/4/1/14/5 (+1 drum)

TTT: 5/4/1/7/9

The goal here is to even the numbers quickly so I can control the match. Fortunately, my vanilla armour (5) is just enough that they can't just come in and tear off my wheels, but they can still do a bit of damage to my body. The rounded edges will deny them some bite and hopefully the chance to get corner damage, but this is still a fight where I have a threat that I have to remain aware of.

Outrunning me isn't an option for them, fortunately. I have the speed to catch up, so having one bait and the other counter will lead to me either catching the baiter or escaping the counterer, maybe both. And when I hit him, I'll be doing 5 damage, which'll probably be corner damage unless I don't get under him. Hitting his weapon obviously won't hurt him much, but he's got those vulnerable wedgelets and this is going to be three 2WD verts maneuvering quickly and me with a very wide drum. There aren't going to be a lot of straight head to head hits.

As long as it's 2v1, make sure I stay in space but reasonably close to the walls. He can't OOTA me, but I launch each of his halves 7 feet. Use the fact that he can't place hsi back to a wall without threat of OOTA to my advantage positioningwise. If he does, go for that OOTA. If he tries a pincer maneuver, use my speed to reverse rapidly just before we hit. Black Dog doesn't have a lot of depth. He'll have to react very quickly and at least one of his bots and maybe both will overcommit. Immediately go from reverse to full speed ahead and catch one. If he follows one up with the other, just hit the first one and fling it with my much higher tip speed. I can trade body blows with him a little bit and come out on top. Try to avoid that, but it's something in my back pocket if I need it. I have more margin for error. If I'm flipped, gain myself some space and gyro self-right. If I don't have time, hit him while upside-down and try to gyro drop onto his top or weapon mountings to score serious damage.

Before impacts, try to create a slight angle so I can cleanly hit his feeder wedges or mountings. Don't be afraid to expose my flank and the juicy target of my wheels and then sacrifice my ablative side shields to one half of the cluster if necessary to score a significant hit on the other. He'll try to use his numbers to make me tentative. Don't be tentative. I have more margin and, once one half is dead or crippled, this becomes much easier.

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Re: Black Dog vs Terrible Toad Twins

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:25 pm

Oh hey it's the other infamous Lazbot. Sup.

We both do a lot of damage to each others' chassis. The drivetrains are all but identical. The big difference is that there are two Toadbots and only one Dogbot.

What I need to do here is tank Black Dog with one Toad while smacking it in the ass or the wheel with the other one. To make this happen, the Toads will split up at the start of the match, then face down the Dog. When it makes its move and goes for one Toad, the other will come around for a flanking maneuver. I'm not too scared of going weapon to weapon against Black Dog: while its weapon is more powerful, it's also much wider so it will be spinning more slowly. The Toads' driscs should be able to keep up and keep them from being launched from the front.

If Laz fakes going for one and switches to the other, Black Dog's going to gyro up while turning and give me a much better hit.

If a Toad gets flipped upside down, that shouldn't really change the strategy, as they can drive fine upside down. I'll just have to be more careful to avoid being knocked out of the arena when they're flipped again.

In summary: split up, tank, flank, and spank until the Dog is disabled.

GL Laz!
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