CIRCUITZ vs PneumatiX

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CIRCUITZ vs PneumatiX

Post by Killjoy » Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:17 pm

CIRCUITZ: 10 speed / 8 traction / 5 torque / 4 weapon / 3 armour (full front flipper plate with teeth)

PneumatiX: 7 speed / 6 traction / 2 torque / 4 weapon / 11 armour

He starts with his back to the low wall. Both of us can OOTA over the low wall. Use the combination of my serious speed advantage and mecanums to angle in on his slightly better wedge. If he uses those wedgelets, angling in becomes a lot easier. If he uses the wedge plate, his wedge is only a 60/40 win over mine and I can still angle. On top of that, his flipping surface is small and I cover a lot of area, making me hard to flip. He also doesn't do enough flipping damage to worry me.

Basically, strafe, feint, and use my unpredictable movement to make him miss. He can say he'll be prepared for it, but that doesn't mean his bot is capable of stopping me. Counter him using my better drivetrain if I need to, but I want to dictate offense for the most part. When I get under, flip. Chain him OOTA. I should definitely be able to chain. He'll also be high-centered when he's on my wedge, and I won't on his. If he's nowhere near the OOTA zone and not aware enough to jump himself free with his flipper, then just wedge and push him to near the OOTA before flipping out to avoid wasting gas.

Make adjustments if I need to, play smart (and within myself if I see that I'm oversteering a lot) and stay aggressive.

Good luck!

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Re: CIRCUITZ vs PneumatiX

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:19 pm

Using the Wedgelets on the arm. They put-reach hers iirc but if they somehow don’t then she’ll be approaching nothing but Wedge anyway , being 2wd I have a heavy advantage.
Start off and meet her in the centre , facing her dead on, she doesn’t really have the best set up to flank me, mechanums, omnis etc don’t have the best tractionabyway but with a speed difference like that she won’t be able to control her flank too well or strafe too well either. She probably wants me to go for the mistake of lunging for her so she can strafe me so I won’t give her the opportunity, instead, I’ll just turn on the spot to face her as she tries to strafe and flank me, if she comes too close then I’ll just drive forward and give her a flip onto her back, then I can properly wedge under her, push her to the nearest wall and try to toss her out. If for some reason she goes head on to try and monster truck over me then she won’t succeed, her floor scraping skirts will hit my eyes that stick up slightly and act as stoppers, meaning I can once again, carry her to the wall and and toss her out. Repeat the spinning on the spot to face her until she comes real close trick every time she’s trying to flank me. Always keep facing her Wedge first at all times, no matter what. If she gets under me then I’ll flip to hop up onto her massive, flat top panel and reverse off, immediately driving right into her side to either flip her if near a wall or push her to the wall to flip her out.

Best of luck.

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