Doomerang vs Sideswipe

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Doomerang vs Sideswipe

Post by Badnik96 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:56 pm

Speed: 15
Weapon: 3
Armor: 10 (+1 to the thwack teeth)
Traction: 1 (+5 melty-brain spinup bonus for a total of 6)
Torque: 1

5 Speed / 4 Traction / 3 Torque / 5 Weapon (3 turret, 3 lifter) / 13 Armor (+1 plow/forks)

This is a tricky one, but I'm feeling confident. With only 5 speed and a relatively steep plow, he's going to struggle to capitalize when i inevitably pinball away from his hits. And with the near-instant spinup provided by this melty bonus, I think he'll have a hard time controlling this fight, which a control bot obviously wants to do.

Get up to speed and move out at a corner. Approach him in one direction, then quickly juke back in the other when he gets closer. This should allow me to get to his side and do some serious damage to his wheels, which I have a 3 point advantage on. If that fails, then this should at least catch a corner of his plow and send us spinning away. This is basically going to be my plan for the whole fight. Keep catching the corners of his plow and knocking us apart so he can't slow the spinner and get me into the wall. Corner damage will add up eventually and once that plow falls off he's going to be in deep trouble, so just keep focus-firing on it until it falls off.

Stay in the center of the arena and keep away from the walls as much as physically possible. Always keep spinning. Always drift sideways when he approaches so he can't get a clean shot on me.

Good luck Jack and may the better bot win.
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Re: Doomerang vs Sideswipe

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:58 pm

No forks this time. I dunno what config Badnik's going with here but it's probably the one that can damage me slightly. Maybe? If he goes with that one it'll be much easier for me to keep Doomerang from spinning up again once I've stopped it though.

In any case, I can tank Doomerang no problem and it's not fast enough to flank me, so even though Sideswipe is relatively slow I can still make sure it only hits the plow. I just need to slowly corral it into a corner, bring it to a stop, then bring in the lifter and lift it up against a wall and out of commission.

I guess I should be careful of Doomerange ricocheting off the walls and into Sideswipe's sides or something, but it's not like the non-plow parts of Sideswipe are lightly armored either.

So yeah, smother Doomerang, corral it, and lift it against a wall. If I get it stopped on my plow not against the wall, I'll bring in the lifter and lift some of its wheels off the ground to make it harder for it to get away from me pushing it. If that doesn't happen, it bouncing off my plow and into the wall should help slow it down too.

GL Badnik!

Heh, made it on time, ez.
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