Der Adder vs Hurricane

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Der Adder vs Hurricane

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:52 pm

Me: 5/3/1/13/8
Him: 6/5/1/11/7
What is he using? Flat plate and no top armor
So basically I'm gonna use my flipper, to get under him, his wedge is gonna go under my flipper with a good amount of Driving, since I have a shallower angle than he does. Once I get under I'll flip him, and as he has only 7 chassis armor and I have 13 weapon, it'll probably do 5-6 shock damage to him, which is MASSIVE DAMAGE. it'll hopefully kill him in 1 flip, if not I'll continue to flip him around, I'll prevent him from buckling up my flipper at all costs, by backing away and spinning in a circle, to reposition in for another flip, as soon as I get done with 1 flip I'll continue an onslaught of flips onto him, and the force of gravity overtime will absolutely destroy him.
GL Ethan, as much as I like der adder I want to win
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Re: Der Adder vs Hurricane

Post by Botomatic1000 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:37 pm

Using the Wedge plate with no additional top armour.
Long story short, his flipper acts like a hinged wedge and his front wedges are completely useless, being that they are static, when the wheels are at the front and the majority of the weight is behind them. First of all, like all fights, I’ll spin up to speed, he can’t box-rush me because I can just avoid him if somehow he reaches me before I’m spun up. His traction to speed difference and wheel placement means there is a very real chance he may accidentally turn to the side slightly when approaching me, meaning I can just get under those useless static Wedges right away and give him a good whack, sending him both flying and turning slightly to the side, showing his back side to me which I can give a hearty whack, chaining and juggling hits towards an arena wall, hopefully with him facing away from the arena wall but upside down, giving that his flipper is so powerful and the shape of it, there is a very real chance that he may toss himself out of the arena, which I have to admit, is a goal of mine in all honesty. If we collide head on then I should be able to get under him with my wedge advantage, his long thin lip will easily get chipped down and buckled, rendering it useless for Wedgeing, giving that it is connected directly to the pneumatic cylinders, there is a real possibility that with enough hits I can tear it off of them, leaving it flopping behind the body on its hinges like a kind of tail. Always juggle my hits to cause as much damage as I can. He shouldn’t be able to flank me at all giving that he is slower and has way worse traction then me. Even if he could, his flipper arm would just be riding up my skirts, as he would be turning the side of it up them, meaning I can just turn and give him a whack with the drum. If somehow he gets under me then reverse away at the first sign of it, I have the speed to get off him and go for him if he miss-fires, meaning he flips himself over violently. Always face him Drum first, always be spinning up.
Good luck Code

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