Hallucinogen vs. Admiral (ROBOT3 LW Week 3)

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Hallucinogen vs. Admiral (ROBOT3 LW Week 3)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:58 pm


Hallucinogen: 5/3/1/12/9(+2 wedge)
Admiral: 7/6/1/6/10

CONFIGS: I'm using the drum spinner.


Spin up and move out aggressively. Try to keep the pressure on him while avoiding letting him get to my corners, making quick, snappy turns and reversing a bit to avoid getting caught with a wheel in the air, then darting forward again into him. We’re both 2WD but the tips of my wedgelets are quite a bit narrower than his front even with the little tooth-like projections on his flipper, so I should get under him fairly often.

Admiral does have a weapon armor bonus on its flipper, but the rest of the wedge doesn’t have one and that part extends a couple inches inward from the front corners. There’s a good bit of exposed surface I can hit, and 2-point corner damage is enough to start bending things and make it harder for him to get under me in the future: even if he gets the flipper under, if they’re curled up enough the edges could “catch” my wedge.

If he gets under me, back off or turn away if possible, and make OOTAs difficult for him by staying mobile and avoiding approaching him with my back to a wall, especially the low one. His torque’s low so it will be more difficult for him to get a rapid push towards a wall to get into position for a potential KO flip. If I’m flipped over and land upright, just go right in on the attack again. If I’m inverted, mix things up between charging into him at high speed and gyro-dancing back upright. Favor the former if he’s not backing off to let his flipper retract and/or he’s not giving me space to gyro self-right.

Capitalize on every hit I get as much as possible, going for his wheels and wedge, trying to get under him while he’s self-righting, and even pushing him around since he doesn’t have much torque. Just keep popping him up and over and making him use up his gas supply, and causing as much damage both cosmetic and not as possible – I can’t cleanly tear off wheels, but I can probably damage tire treads, bend axles, that sort of thing.

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Re: Hallucinogen vs. Admiral (ROBOT3 LW Week 3)

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:37 pm

We're both 2WD wedgers but Admiral's got the manueverability advantage here. We've both got the weight of the front of the robot resting on forky protrusions on the sides of our weapons, so wedging will be a matter of who gets a better angle on whom. That drum spinner is going to be doing very little damage to Admiral's chassis and none to the flipper. I, meanwhile, can flip Hallucinogen out of the arena.

What I'm going to do here is exploit my greater speed and control to slide my wedge either under the side (ideally) or straight under that drum and between Hallucinogen's forks (if I have no better choice) and then flip it. If I have the luxury of choice, I'll flip it towards the lower wall. I'll retract the flipper and then go back in and do it again. Either I'll send Hallucinogen out or just keep juggling it for the JD.

If I get hit and flipped I'll self-right ASAP with my flipper. This might help me dodge a follow up hit also.

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