I Dance Crabcore, Motherfucker! vs Fenrir - CBC3 Week 6 SHW

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I Dance Crabcore, Motherfucker! vs Fenrir - CBC3 Week 6 SHW

Post by The Monsterworks » Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:27 pm

Fenrir: 5 speed / 3 traction / 1 torque / 15 weapon / 6 armour
I Dance Crabcore, Motherfucker!: 6 speed / 5 traction / 2 torque / 7 weapon (5/5) / 10 armour (+1 claws)

The seemingly safe play here would be to close my claws and try to tank him, winning 40-50% of wedge wars, but fuck it. I’m crabcore!

Fenrir’s been getting away with a lot so far, and it’s time to expose those weaknesses. Firstly, it’s a -2 control 2WD vert with 15 weapon. It should be having serious control issues from oversteer and gnarly gyroscopic effects. I’m only 1 speed faster, but I’ve got better control and H-drive, so I can strafe (by also turning in the direction I’m circling) and circle strafe to keep my front facing Fenrir while forcing it to turn to avoid being flanked. That thing turning a lot = runaway gyro eventually. Then, I pounce.
That’s the next big thing: I’m not just a control bot. He only has 6 armour. I can pierce that in just over 10 seconds. Then, with a moving pin, I can literally deal 18 damage into the heart of his bot.

He also has a 5 point weapon:armour gap, so he’ll struggle to spin up quickly as the match progresses, making his weapon easier to stop.

Finally, his skids are tiny. My claws are adjustable and, when not fully open or closed, rest on their corners and can get under him anywhere else. I can basically just open them the right amount to avoid his skids completely and, with good positioning/angles, win the wedge war consistently.

Be skittery, mobile, and cagey. Force him to maneuver around hazards and turn a lot to keep his front facing me. Keep the claws far enough apart that I can slip them around him, but close enough together that I can snap them shut quickly (they’re 5 speed) if he’s about to hit my chassis.

If that’s not working, rely on the partially open claw wedge thing I mentioned earlier. Try to backstop myself and cause him to recoil into hazards that’ll mess up his recovery (I’ll suffer some bad recoil too with mecanums). If his drum isn’t at full speed or I back/side flank, then clamp and saw.

General plan is to be patient and opportunistic and wait for the right grab. Then clamp him from an angle where he can’t hurt me and sink that saw in, pushing him towards the pit. Release him over the angled lip if possible, or into a hazard when the pin timer’s up.

Good luck, m8
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