Shadow Mk 5 vs Trashman

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Shadow Mk 5 vs Trashman

Post by Tcrrr » Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:58 pm

Le Trashman
Speed: 7
Torque: 3
Traction: 5 (+1 treads)
Armor: 11 (+2 plow)
Weapon: 2 (1 forklift, 1 clamp, 1 hungry hungry hippos extender, 1 flame)
Le Shadow
5 speed
4 traction
1 torque
13 weapon
7 armor
Ok so I'm pretty outclassed here, he's faster and waayyy more durable. I gotta keep my weapon on him, even though he has a wedge. I will use my drum to hopefully be able to chip away at his wedge, if he pushes me to any of the hazards, I'll just ride up and over his wedge, and I'll get to the back of him and flip him over. I will continue to use my drum to fling him around after he's upside down, and I basically will be taking potshots at him for the rest of the fight, hoping for something to give, If his minibots can do anything, I'll fling em around.
Good luck dude

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Re: Shadow Mk 5 vs Trashman

Post by V900 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:36 pm


I don't see a "the wedge is hinged btw" in my opponent's signup description. Is this a, dare I say it, 4WD static wedge?

I'm fast enough that I can force a head-on wedge collision. Do that, and even in the 10% chance that he gets under and hits my wedge, I won't take serious damage if any at all.

If I get under (I probably will), lift and try to get the clamp in. If said clamp is successful, throw Shadow into the treeesh. If not, lifting and tipping over is okay too.

As for the trashcans, just be urself :)

gl hf

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