ICECrown Quarter Finals: Chernabog vs. Screamroller (again)

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ICECrown Quarter Finals: Chernabog vs. Screamroller (again)

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:19 pm


Flails can deliver multiple hits, but the repeated hits taking energy from the flails will slow them down, so they won’t repeatedly hit at full strength and if you keep shoving a wedge into them they will slow to a crawl or stop. This is especially true for ICEs because they have low torque at low rpm. I don’t have a scoop, which would be ideal for this, but I do have a fairly long wedge so hopefully I can get him below like 50% speed before he reaches anything else, which will prevent significant damage to my frame.

Come out aggressively, make note of which way Screamroller spins up. Either way approach head-on, with my claw raised AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE. Even if the chains clip me the damage should be minimzed. If he’s spinning upward, approach at a moderate speed; his flails will scrape along its full length and lose a lot of energy and I can ultimately jam my wedge into his drum body. If he’s spinning downward, slow down dramatically before contact or even backpedal slightly: he will likely rely on his reversed spinning to “climb” my wedge into my less-armored stuff, and I want to make sure he’s used as much kinetic energy hitting my wedge as possible before that happens. I have more speed, so try to control the rate of collision.

Once he’s slowed, push in, get his drive wheels off the ground, and bring down the claw either on the engine or BEHIND his drum. He won’t be able to get free of that or spin it freely. Now thrash from side to side and spin him around. I want to bring my claw sideways into his weapon belt; those things are stretchy and fragile so I want to snap or derail it. If this isn’t working, pin him against the wall and adjust my grip to either sever the belt, get between it and his LEFT support and THEN spin-slam him into the wall to snap his belt, or as mentioned destroy his engine if I can reach it.

If I break his weapon, be more aggressive, crush whatever I can reach and shove him around into hazards. If my claw isn’t working, keep ramming him to slow his drum and pushing him into hazards since he has no underside armor.

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Re: ICECrown Quarter Finals: Chernabog vs. Screamroller (again)

Post by attackfrog » Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:52 pm

Going head on didn't go all that well for me the first time. Neither did forgetting to RP and having to do it while waiting in line in front of a Ramen restaurant in SF. Whoops! So here's a strat that's a bit more thought out:

Chernabog's a tiny bit speedier, but also a bit less controlled than Screamroller. This will give me a bit of an opportunity to try flanking it, or at least getting to its side a bit. Chernabog's front is relatively well armored (though it's still going to be taking a lot of damage from my flails) but its sides and srimech arms are very weakly armored and should take heavy damage if I can hit them. The gyro effect I'll be experiencing as I turn should actually play to my advantage here: my drum will raise into the air and I may be able to bring it down on top of Chernabog as it approaches me. Getting a bit to the side of Chernabog will help my flails catch on its pincher as well, which will mean increased damage and perhaps throwing it into the air?

Given all this, my goal is to attack the sides and top of Chernabog without getting flanked myself and pinched. I want my weapon to be up to speed before we make contact, for maximum damage potential. If I do get pinched, I'll spin up and try to use my (presumably) one free wheel and the gyro effect to try to free myself or at least try to make contact with my flails on some part of Chernabog. I'll keep away from all of the hazards, as I have in the past: they're not going to be any help to me. But I won't be paying too much attention to them either: I need to keep my focus on my opponent.

I'd also like to be angling in on Chernabog in a clockwise direction, as much as I can manage: I don't want my belt to get pinched again!

That's what I got. Good luck HFL!

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