RTT Wk2: Omicron32 vs. 2-Face

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RTT Wk2: Omicron32 vs. 2-Face

Post by attackfrog » Sat Sep 10, 2022 10:14 pm

Omicron32: viewtopic.php?t=10030#p74661
2-Face: viewtopic.php?p=74666#p74666

Omicron32's using its lifter config.

It's a wedge-off! Except I've got a lifter, which gives me a distinct advantage. In addition, 2-Face's wedges appear to be statically mounted, so if I do get underneath and lift up one end, all four wheels of 2F will be raised up off the ground as the other end will be resting on the edge of the wedge. I can then push around however I like. Speaking of pushing, Omicron32's even got more torque than 2-Face, so I'll be able to push it around regardless. 2F's a very little faster but can do significantly less to show control than I can.

The strat will be driving around like a cool guy, keeping the lifter scraping the ground and pointed towards 2F, ready to scoop it up. If I do, lift 2F, get its wheels off the ground, parade it around a bit in an annoying way, then push it up against the wall to try and prop it there or flip if over. If 2F gets under instead, J-turn off the best I can, using my lifter to push myself off if that makes sense at the time. Then lifter back down and back to it.

GLHF Turtlebro.

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