Two-Face VS Fork The Wind

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Two-Face VS Fork The Wind

Post by TurtleBack! » Sun Aug 28, 2022 9:51 pm

Wait. It ISN’T a hammer saw?

So my first round matchup is against pat’s vert. Not an ideal matchup, but oh well.

So since he is using forks, I am kinda scared to face him head on, so the strat is to use my drive setup to get around to the sides. If it works and I get under, I give him a tour of the box, use the hazards to my advantage, and overall just to stay aggressive while keeping a steady mindset. Rinse and repeat till the buzzer.

However if I CAN’T get to his sides. (Which would make sense cause holy shit those speed stats.) I will try to trick him, use his gyro to his advantage and spin around him, this will cause him to turn enough for him to get high centered, and when the time is right, I rush to get under him in time to get under him, then I continue my main strategy and give him a tour.

But in the mere case of him not having gyro, I will try to utilize my main advantage.

A massive fucking issue of going head on. If all else fails. I ram him, no hesitation. Yeti style attack. He’ll never expect it!


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