CC: Ori vs. Diablo Victus

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CC: Ori vs. Diablo Victus

Post by Hooray For Lexan » Fri Jul 09, 2021 1:33 am

Ori: 7/7/2/3/11(+2 wedge/forks) - Spirit Edge Config
Diablo Victus: 7/6/3/3/11 - Unknown Config because I don't think Drew declared it.


He’s got lots of forks but they’re really short and mine are narrow enough to fit between his, and even approaching at an angle he’s likely to ride up on them. He does have a dustpan behind it but if he’s going flamp his flipper probably can’t flop around in the “down” position and my forks getting under it will lift both the flipper and chassis enough to get my spatula under. If we do somehow wedge-lock, immediately flip and reverse away in an arc: I don’t wanna get clamped.

Be aggressive – watch for him trying to go around my forks, though, and punish it by either turning in place and darting forward as he exposes his side or doing tight backwards turns to point my front at him again and immediately going forward again. When I get under, flip immediately. It looks like he’s not quite invertable, so try to disrupt his self-righting and keep getting under / pushing him around while my flipper recharges. If he gets under my forks might lodge in the bars of his flipper and make me not fly the way he expects; in any case J-turn off his wedge if possible, otherwise use my invertibility to dodge any clamping attempts before self-righting. If I am clamped while inverted, my flipper can probably right me and invert him.

Neither of us can OOTA for about half the match and it’s not easy until the last minute. Before that time fight from the arena center and try to keep him upside-down / in the hazards while the clock runs down. After 2 minutes if I seem to be dominating aggression / control / hazard damage stay in the middle of the box and be fairly conservative while still showing aggression. If it seems like he has the advantage, take the risk of keeping the fight near the razor and try to get a quick OOTA. If he’s using the lifter for some reason, attack with no fear since he can’t get me out with that unless he’s REALLY lucky – “strand and lift out” strategies won’t work well on Ori because I’ve got wheels sticking out on all sides and a flipper that can kick me free of bad positions.

Good Luck Etc.

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