Ruination r4: Multicrap vs. Chieftain

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Ruination r4: Multicrap vs. Chieftain

Post by YSMQTHLQYH » Sat Oct 01, 2022 7:27 pm

Multicrap: 6/5/2/7[5 spinner / 2 (1 spinner arm /1 lifter / 1 clamp / 1 flamethrower)]/10 - normal config
Chieftain: 6/6/4/4/10 - regular config (180-degree Lifting Scoop driven by geared electric motors, with attached rack-and-pinion forks for extra stability)

Finally not a spinner, i can actually use the weapons on this bot.
He has slightly better handling but that's about it. His main advantage is the higher pushing power (if i am under i should outpush him slightly tho). His lifter might work as a flipper but not sure about that.

I have the options of using the spinner and the clamp. I will try a mix of both, switching when it makes sense like after someone releases a pin or if i self right i will engage with whatever side faces him. If one side seems to be working better than the other just favor that of course.

With the spinner i can flip him quite reliably once i get under. It wont take him that long to self right and he can drive fine when flipped but he has no wedge then so he has to self right and waste precious time and leave himself open to getting flipped again. He can angle in on my forks so i am not going to be particularly aggressive when Chieftain is upright, make sure he cant angle in mostly by turning in place while he approaches, you know? It barely has better handling that i have so counter counter angling in wont work that well and like hell he's going to flank.
If he gets under anyways i have a decent change of monster trucking him considering geometry. If that fails he might either try to flip or push to a wall or something.
Keep the clamp closer when spinner side for easier self righting with the spinner arm, just in case.

For the clamp side, i can a afford to be more aggressive as its easier to get under. It might be hard to do the lifting clamp thing on the longer thinner body of his but the end of his plough is perfect for a solid claw-like grip with the clamps. His lifter motor wont be able to force my clamps open as they wont have good leverage and they will be trying to drive back linear actuators.
While i have him clamped i should be able to push him slightly while going jam with the flamethrower and the spinner as if it was a hammer. Wont do much damage but it should give me lots of points.
Keep the clamps a bit more open that what i need for him to fit for faster clamping down.

If he's pushing me i can j-hook or something. It shouldn't be hard to use my toolkit to escape pins.
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Re: Ruination r4: Multicrap vs. Chieftain

Post by GF93 » Sat Oct 01, 2022 11:39 pm

Default Setup, All Forks ON.

Multicrap's definitely one of the most intriguing designs I've seen; defended all over with a literal Joe's Body Shop's worth of weapons! The vert, clamp and lifter setups look nice, and he's as fast/armoured as I am, so I can't underestimate what he has. That said however, where it most falls down is the lack of power on said weapons; the most damaging one (the disc) is only 5 (less than half my armour), and the lifter/clamp setup is particularly slow and weak to grab/retract compared to my much faster and stronger snowplough. He's got a lot of hinged skirts/wedges all over, but they're particularly vulnerable at the corners (especially with the worse Traction/Acceleration), my huge Torque advantage and top forks mean I can easily keep him trapped once I'm underneath, and his 10 armour is okay, but still low enough to take noticeable hazard/slam damage. Lastly, if he gets flipped, he'll be extremely slow to self-right if he can even do it at all; meaning once he's over, I can pretty much have my way with him.

I'll want to very aggressive from the onset; take full advantage of my acceleration/torque advantages and much stronger wedge to force my way under at the sides/corners (and luck permitting, under the lifter before it retracts), flip him, and from there, just bully him the whole way through. Keep him flipped over as much as possible, actively stop any attempts to self-right or escape (IE. copy his movements if he tries driving off), attack with long running slams into the walls/corners (followed by squashing him into them to wear down the clock), force him into the hazards (especially the pointed Pulverisers either way up to pierce away at his vulnerable baseplate or break the clamp arms/flamethrower line, and the Killsaws to ruin his tyres/skirts/belts for the disc), and keep him forced on the defence.

Defence is mostly common sense and not giving him any chances to use his weapons. Attack from the sides/corners mostly, immediately drive off if he gets under at any point, escape before self-righting with my invertibility if flipped, avoid hazards unless taking him to them myself, fight back if clamped, avoid the disc, establish dominance of the middle early on, and don't raise the snowplough unless definitely underneath.

Should be good to see how this one goes. Good luck!

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