D12: Swordfish 3 vs. Project SNAFU

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D12: Swordfish 3 vs. Project SNAFU

Post by attackfrog » Sat Oct 10, 2020 9:24 pm

Swordfish 3: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=9838#p74028
Project SNAFU: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=9838#p74040

Swordfish is using its plows configuration.

TL;DR: Slip the nose under SNAFU's spinner, its skirt, and its chassis and then yeet it on its head.

SNAFU, tilted spinner or not, is an overhead. Swordfish has a long, low flipper nose that it can't even reach, and the speed and omni-directional mobility to get around behind it where the blade's even higher. SNAFU's got low speed, low control made worse by gyroscopic progression as it turns with that tilted spinner, and a total inability to self-right. The arena, moreover, has multiple hazards that all work to my advantage: a pit I can throw SNAFU into, drums I can throw SNAFU into, spike strips I can throw SNAFU into... you get the idea.

I'm going to use Swordfish's excellent mobility to choose my angles of attack on SNAFU and avoid the spinner as much as I can by attacking from behind. That's my first priority. Second is to aim for an angle that lets me throw SNAFU into the pit or the screws. I'll be facing SNAFU the whole time. so if it does get a hit, it'll be on one of my plows. Those can take a few hits, and if they take enough to get knocked off, the rest of my robot will be fine (and my flipper will have longer reach.)

I'll take advantage of SNAFU's difficulty turning, slide in behind it, and flip it. After that, my superior speed will let me get to SNAFU and flip it again before it's up to speed, this time either into the pit, the screws, or perhaps onto its back.

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Re: D12: Swordfish 3 vs. Project SNAFU

Post by Superbomb122 » Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:42 am

Swordfish has the drive to stuff me and a powerful flipper, but he crucially only has 11 front armor and just 7 chassis armor. This means that, if I play this well, I can do some serious damage and maybe even KO Swordfish pretty quickly.

When the match starts, quickly see which direction Swordfish is going. If he goes to my left, spin the bar counter-clockwise. If he goes to my right, spin clockwise. This is to keep me from bouncing into the spikes, instead sending Swordfish into them were I to get a good hit. Leave my box and approach slowly, trying to bait out the box rush to buy time. Hopefully, this will have bought me enough time to get spun up enough to cause major damage on the first hit. Accept the inevitable charge from Swordfish, turn slightly to not hit the flipper before it meets one of my smaller wedges, and hope the flipper rides up and allows for me to get a big hit in. Any corner hit will absolutely fuck the part I hit at that speed.

If I get the better of that hit, I can just obliterate Swordfish from there. If I get flipped, I’m probably KO’d. This’ll be about done in a hit either way.

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