Something Something vs The Big Spook // D12

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Something Something vs The Big Spook // D12

Post by Venice Queen » Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:00 pm

TBS: // Speed: 11 / Traction: 11 / Torque: 4 / Weapon: 1 / Armor: 3 //
SSIRN: Speed: 9 / Traction: 8 / Torque: 1 / Weapon: 5 / Armor: 1 x2



he's a multibot. do you know how you beat multibots? everyone should! pick one half of the bot. make that half of the bot your bitch till it is no longer a threat (ex. half the drivetrain is fuck). ignore the other one unless the opponent is setting up some sort of obvious bait, or I end up in some other sort of situation that would put me between the two bots with no easy escape route. basically you're trying to keep the tempo of the match super high so that your stat advantage is accentuated instead of their numbers advantage. this is especially easy for me to do since he's devoted all of his stats to being fast as fuk and I'm still faster than he is.

all that being said, ramming him into literally anything should delete any one of his bots. actually, ramming into him in the first place should do that. self damage has always been weird when applied to drivetrains but if it does apply here he deals 1 more point of it to himself than I do to myself so that's worth something I'm sure.

He has a lot of wedges, none of them have the weight behind them that mine does

dont get flipped 4head


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